Let’s Talk: Little Free Library!

Hi guys! So aside from my usual book reviews I wanted to do a little series on the blog where I just chatted with you all about book related things! I just posted a photo on my bookstagram that talked about the Little Free Library at my favorite park and I wanted to share a post about how much I love this organization!

I’m a social work student and as part of my future profession we’re trained to be advocates for those who are disadvantaged or impoverished. There are a lot of topics that I’m passionate about, but nothing fires me up quite like the American literacy rate. For those who didn’t know, fifty percent of American adults can’t read at a fifth grade level. According to the Literacy Project Foundation around 45 million Americans are functionally illiterate. How crazy is that? In a time where we have so many educational opportunities and aides at our disposal literacy is still a problem.

Books changed my life, reading opened so many doors for me creatively and educationally. It pains me to know that millions of children and adults all across the world don’t have access to books in the way that I did as a child. Which is why I love love love the Little Free Library organization! They’re in over seventy countries and have given countless individuals access to free books. How amazing is that?

The most wonderful part of this organization is the fact that anyone, literally anyone, can participate. Children and adults both can take books from these cute little libraries (that look an awful lot like bigger, more adorable bird houses), it isn’t like a government funded library where you need to fill out for a card and have an address and everything. Then anyone can put books back, copies of your favorites or just other used books you have laying around or even the book you borrowed last week. It’s something that I think is so special, and one day I want to own my own Little Free Library and stock it full of copies of my favorites for others to enjoy. But for now when I go to the park I leave a book whenever I can and take so much joy from knowing that I could help someone through my love of books. Everyone, regardless of socioeconomic status, deserves the joy that comes with reading a good book.

If you want to volunteer, donate, or register for your own Little Free Library then visit their site at Little Free Library! 

little-free-library (1)

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