Leigh Bardugo’s ‘Crooked Kingdom’ Review

*WARNING: This review DOES contain spoilers. If you haven’t read this book I DO NOT suggest reading this.*


crookedkingdomKaz Brekker and his crack team of thieves and thugs are back to settle some old scores. With plenty of action, scheming, magic, and romance, Crooked Kingdom is everything you’d expect from this group of crows.


Published: September 27th, 2016

Publisher: Henry Holt & Compant

Pages: 536

Rating: downloaddownloaddownloaddownloaddownload


Let me start off by saying this: I have a severe love-hate relationship with this book. It was such a great book, full of all these wonderful twists and turns and great characters but the ending was so frustrating. I’m especially upset given the fact she killed off one of my favorite characters! Like really, why Matthias? Why? I was just talking about how much I loved reading about his relationship with Nina and then Bardugo goes and kills him off. At first I wasn’t sad because I thought, oh, well they’ll just find a way to bring him right back. I mean, they’ve been pulling off all these impossible things for the last how many pages? But nope. The book just ended. Everyone went on with their lives, no one even tried to bring him back, it was like they didn’t really care. The more I think about it the angrier I get. Guys, really, I just can’t with this one.

Aside from Nina and Matthias’ love story being cut tragically short (gotta stop because I’m still getting angry about it), the way it left off with Kaz and Inej was definitely another sore spot for me. They were obviously in love and I just wanted something more between them. The fact that he bought her a boat and found her family was the kindest gesture, and really proved his feelings for her, yet still not even a kiss between the two. I’m not as upset about this as I am the murder of Matthias, but still, a little more between them would have been a great end to two full books of sexual tension, ya know?

So, by now I’ve just complained about the book and you’re probably wondering how in the hell this book ended up with a five star rating and a place on my favorite’s shelf. Let me break it down for you:

  1. The plot in this book was just as breathtaking and fast paced as the first book. I never knew what was happening, what Kaz had planned and what he didn’t, it was the wildest ride. All this stuff was going on at once and there were so many things to keep track of that there wasn’t a single moment when I was bored. Honestly, I don’t even know how Bardugo planned and wrote this book, there were just so many bits and pieces it’s incredible. I mean, the fact that Wylan’s mother is alive? Nina’s new powers? Sturmhond being the king of Ravka? A major character death (that I can be mad at but still admire the fact that I didn’t see it coming)? This book had it all.
  2. Bardugo is a fabulous writer. Like, one of the best. They way she creates these characters and places make it feel as though you’re there in the graveyard with Jesper, Kuwei, and Matthias, fighting it out with the Dime Lions. The world this story takes place in is just so vivid and lush thanks to Bardugo’s writing. It makes me that much more excited to read her other books (I’m SO excited for Wonder Woman: Warbringer!!).
  3. The characters. Like I said in my review of Six of Crows, these people are like my friends. I loved watching them scheme and laugh and fight and succeed (but I didn’t love watching them die, damn you Bardugo!). I wish there were more books in this series just so I wouldn’t have to say goodbye to all these wonderful people.

So, in short: Crooked Kingdom was wonderful but also super frustrating at the same time. If anyone else is just as pissed about the ending please message me so we can cry together, thanks.

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