Eva Gates’s ‘By Book or By Crook’ Review

File_000 (10).jpegWhen Lucy moves to the Outer Banks to escape her unhappy life in Boston, she’s gifted with her dream job and a chance to start a new life for herself. Unfortunately, she’s also thrust right in the middle of a murder.


Published: February 3rd, 2015

Publisher: Obsidian Mystery

Pages: 325

Cozy Mystery Series: Lighthouse Library Mystery #1

Rating: downloaddownloaddownloaddownload


If you follow my Bookstagram then you know I totally buy cozy mysteries because their covers are so cute and they’re great for bookish photos. However, this happens to be the first cozy mystery I’ve read in YEARS. Yes, years. I read a few way back (middle school, guys) like before I realized they were even cozy mysteries, but I’ll probably end up rereading them because when I was younger my attention span for mystery books was  zero. I felt they just had too many characters and it was hard for me to keep track, but I totally love them now. They’re adorable AND great reads.

This is going to be 100% spoiler FREE (I definitely won’t be telling you who the killer is) so you’re free to read this and then read the books! Which I suggest you do if you enjoy cozies or want to start some!

Lucy Richardson finds herself back in the Outer Banks, where she vacationed as a child, after running from her boring life back in Boston. Her family is very wealthy and cares a lot about image, and they’re trying to force Lucy into a marriage she absolutely doesn’t want. So when this unwanted boyfriend proposes to her in a fancy restaurant in front of a large crowd, she quickly says no, packs her bags, and flees to her Aunt Ellen in North Carolina. Within her first week there Lucy lands a job at the Bodie Island Lighthouse Library as an assistant librarian. Not only does she get to work at the Lighthouse Library, but she also gets to live there in the fourth floor apartment. As a special Summer treat, the library is borrowing and displaying a collection of first edition Jane Austen novels. However, this town has more than just killer views and soon someone winds up dead and as the Austen books start going missing one by one, Lucy is caught right in the middle. This book features a fun cast of characters, including a handsome library cat named Charles. With murder, humor, and a classic love triangle this cozy mystery has it all!

I had absolutely no idea who the killer was or who was stealing the Austen books, so this was truly a mystery and the ending shocked me. My only complaint was the grammatical errors throughout the book. I can understand one or two, but there was a fair amount within there 300 or so pages. I’d expect just a little more from a published work, but it wasn’t a big deal considering I enjoyed the book so much.

This book was a lot of fun to read, it was like a little puzzle that I couldn’t wait to solve. All the classic elements of a cozy mystery were there; romance, humor, suspicious characters, a sweet little town, a cat, and a main character that is charming and endearing. Books like these are always a nice break from the typical 400 to 500 page books I usually read, where a lot more dire stuff is happening and it seems like the good guys aren’t going to win. This book was wrapped up sweetly (aside from the budding love triangle between Lucy, the mayor, and the detective) and can easily be read in one to two days. I finished this one and the second one in the series (review coming soon!) in one week, and I just started the third and final book. It’s my understanding that Obsidian dropped this series, but according to Eva Gate’s website another publisher picked it up and another couple of books are in the works so yay! I will definitely be on the lookout for those! If you’re looking for something short, sweet, fun, and puzzling then I really suggest this series!

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