Review | Booked for Trouble by Eva Gates

Spoiler Free



Published: September 1st, 2015

Publisher: Obsidian Mystery

Pages: 278

Series: Lighthouse Library Mystery #2





5 Stars


Lucy has finally found her bliss as a librarian and resident of the Bodie Island Lighthouse. She loves walking on the beach, passing her evenings with the local book club, bonding with the library cat, Charles, and enjoying the attention of not one, but TWO eligible men. But then her socialite mother, Suzanne, unexpectedly drops in, determined to move Lucy back to Boston—and reunite her with her ex-fiancé.

To make matters worse, Suzanne picks a very public fight at the local hotel with her former classmate Karen Kivas. So, when Karen turns up dead outside the library the next morning, Suzanne is immediately at the top of the suspect list. Now Lucy must hunt down a dangerous killer—before the authorities throw the book at her poor mother…


This review, like the review for the first book in this series, is 100% spoiler FREE! So don’t be scared I’m going to reveal the big secret!

I liked this book a lot, even more than I liked the first in the series. I’m not sure if it’s because I was just used to all the characters and enjoyed spending time with them, or if I liked the premise of this book more. Whatever it was, it was better! This book was so funny, the characters and their individual personalities were all on display in comical ways, the mystery was absolutely that, a mystery, and the little things we learn about Lucy and her family along the way are so interesting. It’s everything you’d want in a great sequel.

File_000 (11).jpeg

Lucy’s really getting in the swing of things in her new life; she’s got a dream job, a cute apartment, two handsome men trailing after her, and a sweet little library cat who’s quickly becoming her best friend. When her mother, Suzanne, drops by unannounced for a ‘visit’, Lucy is certain her mother is trying to force her back home to Boston. But during the first few days of her visit, Lucy is starting to notice her mother acting strangely. She’s drinking more, she’s being overly rude to others, and getting very cozy with the manager of the local hotel. Just as Lucy is starting to wonder if something more is going on with her mom, Karen Kivas, a woman seen arguing heatedly with Suzanne, winds up dead outside the Lighthouse Library the morning after Lucy’s book club. Soon, both Lucy and her mother are knee deep in a murder investigation, and if Lucy can’t solve this one, then it’s her mother who will be taking the fall.

While this book was shorter than the first in the series, I found myself wishing it wasn’t. It was so funny and light but at the same time there was this air of darkness that was looming overhead. This book was such a mystery to me, it had so many levels to uncover; the theft of the necklace, who was the Gray Woman, who killed Karen Kivas, and what was really going on with Suzanne’s odd behavior? There was so much more to this book than just a simple murder mystery, and I absolutely couldn’t put it down.

As was my complaint with the first novel, the sequel also has a slew of grammatical errors. It’s almost like no one actually reread the work, they just skimmed it without really looking for errors. It can be a bit frustrating while you’re reading because all of a sudden you aren’t engulfed in the book anymore but instead you’re analyzing the typo, but I’m trying not to be too picky about things like this.

I’m really enjoying this series, and it’s making me a bit sad that I only have one more left (which is my new current read, by the way). I was excited when I found out that the new publisher agreed to three more books, with the fourth book coming sometime in the Spring of 2018. This was the very epitome of a cozy mystery, and I can’t wait to dig into the next book!

Happy reading


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The Lighthouse Library Mystery Series



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