Eva Gates’s ‘Reading Up a Storm’ Review

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After seeing lights in the night and a body on the shore, Lucy Richardson is back on the case. With murder, romance, and secrets galore one thing is for sure; life at the Lighthouse Library is never boring.

Published: April 5th, 2016

Publisher: Obsidian Mystery

Pages: 306

Cozy Mystery Series: Lighthouse Library Mystery #3

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Y’all don’t even have to ask, this review is spoiler FREE! 

In this installment of the Lighthouse Library Mystery series, Lucy is ready for the Summer rush to finally die down. She’s concentrating on her book club, her two love interests, and getting comfortable and succeeding at her new job. However, there’s a storm brewing in the Outer Banks, and not everyone was wise enough to stay inside. Lucy notices a boat out in the storm, as well as lights leading that boat inland. Almost as if someone were trying to trick the boat into crashing on the rocky shore. Lucy reports it to the police, and hopes they’ll handle it.

Connor, the handsome mayor and Lucy’s kind-of-boyfriend, is worried about the upcoming election. So, in order to convince a wealthy oil executive, Will Williamson, to donate to the reelection fund, he brings Will and his girlfriend, Marlene, to Lucy’s book club meeting. Turns out, it was Will and Marlene in the storm last night. But when Will winds up murdered later that evening , Lucy can’t help but wonder if the lights and the murder are connected. But if Lucy can’t solve this one soon, she might be the next one washed up on the shore.

This was a twisty one! With the way the murder was committed it seemed impossible that someone could have pulled it off, I started to believe Louise Jane’s ghost stories. The murder wasn’t the only thing heating up though, as this book was full of romance between Lucy and a certain someone. The thing I love the most about this series was that the characters just kept getting better. They developed so much in terms of personality and traits since the first book, and as Lucy got more comfortable with everyone so did we. It was such a nice and positive environment and community to be apart of.

The editing seemed to have improved in this edition because there were little to no errors in grammar or spelling, so that was a major plus for me. I liked the plot of the second book a little more, but this was just as fun and twisty as the other two in the series. I know I’ve said this in the other two reviews but I’m SO sad I finished this. I can’t believe I have to wait until next year for the fourth book. However, I bought a ton of cozy mysteries this week (as you know if you follow my Instagram) so I have plenty to keep me busy until then! All in all, this is a wonderful little series, a quick and enjoyable little read if you’re looking for something light, fun, and filled with murder!

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