ARC Review | A Treacherous Curse by Deanna Raybourn


26244626I cannot rid myself of the fear that something else is at work here, something darker.

Published: January 16th, 2018

Publisher: Berkley Publishing

Pages: 308 (Hardcover)

Series: Veronica Speedwell  #3


4 Stars


‘Most people are incapable of understanding a woman like you,’ he said simply. ‘You defy comprehension.’


London, 1888. As colorful and unfettered as the butterflies she collects, Victorian adventuress Veronica Speedwell can’t resist the allure of an exotic mystery—particularly one involving her enigmatic colleague, Stoker. His former expedition partner has vanished from an archaeological dig with a priceless diadem unearthed from the newly discovered tomb of an Egyptian princess. This disappearance is just the latest in a string of unfortunate events that have plagued the controversial expedition, and rumors abound that the curse of the vengeful princess has been unleashed as the shadowy figure of Anubis himself stalks the streets of London.

But the perils of an ancient curse are not the only challenges Veronica must face as sordid details and malevolent enemies emerge from Stoker’s past. Caught in a tangle of conspiracies and threats—and thrust into the public eye by an enterprising new foe—Veronica must separate facts from fantasy to unravel a web of duplicity that threatens to cost Stoker everything. . . .


Shouting a huge thank you to NetGalley, Berkley Publishing, and Deanna Raybourn for the opportunity to read and review this book before the general release date! Always an honor to be able to receive advanced copies!

There was a lot to like about this book and I thoroughly enjoyed myself while reading this fun little romp of a mystery. This was my first Veronica Speedwell book (although I know this is the third book in the series) and I was nervous because I felt like I might be confused given the fact that I hadn’t read the first two but that wasn’t the case at all! During the first chapter or so it does give you a little run down about what happened in the previous books and the rest of the novel was smooth sailing. I never felt left out or confused for a single moment, so if you’re going to start with this one it isn’t going be too much of a shock. Although I do wish to read the previous two now that I finished this!

I really loved all the characters, particularly the main two characters, Miss Speedwell and Mr Templeton-Vane. I loved that the lead character was a smart and incredibly feisty female character, I really did love Veronica. Both she and Stoker were witty, smart, fearless, and the sexual tension I felt between the two put me on the edge of my seat! They’re a remarkable duo, and I think the future books have a lot of potential to expand on their relationship.

The side characters for this story were equally enthralling. From the dreadful Caroline de Morgan, whose husband was the person who disappeared. The filthy rich American father and son duo, the Stihls. And the Tivertons, with their moody daughter and handsome assistant. Not to mention the fun cast of characters who aide Veronica and Stoker with their main occupation. Overall, I really enjoyed and was intrigued by all the characters in this story.

What really attracted me to this book, besides the beautiful cover, was the lure of an Egyptian mystery in the form of a deadly mummy’s curse. I do love to read mysteries, but I’ve never read anything like this. Death and illness and misfortune followed the Tiverton expedition all the way from Egypt back to London, not to mention Anubis himself having followed them on their journey home and stalking them in the streets. It was all to be blamed on the curse, you see, for unearthing and disturbing the tomb of the Egyptian Princess Ankheset. As scholars both Veronica and Stoker don’t believe in any mummy’s curse, no matter what strange events take place, so what’s really going on? And where is John de Morgan? And just who was the secretive newspaper writer J. J. Butterworth and just how did they know all the intimate details about the case?

This book was so much fun to read and truly was a mystery to me. It’s something different from the same old murder mystery and offers fun characters and the perfect mix of Egyptian history and intrigue. A great read, and I will be on the lookout for the next book in the series and I look forward to reading the previous two!


Happy reading


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The Veronica Speedwell Series



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