Let’s Talk: Book Boyfriends!

Hey guys!

Today I’m talking all things dreamy, handsome, and completely fictional! That’s right, I’m talking book boyfriends! Ah, the mythical perfect man. He probably has wings, magical powers, a certain way with words, and a killer body. Only one flaw; he’s not real. (Insert sad face here).


Okay okay, I know for a fact I’m not the only person here who has very nonfictional feelings for a very fictional person. So, let me tell you about a few of my favorite guys and then I would really like you guys to comment and tell me your book boyfriends!

*These are not in any particular order, just writing as I think of them!*



“My mate. Death incarnate. Night triumphant.”

LADIES. We all knew this was coming. The High Lord of the Night Court is probably my number one book boyfriend of all time and I feel like I don’t need to explain why but I’m going to try anyway. The wings. The power. The eyes. The feminist view point. The snarky attitude. The golden heart. The tattoos. I really can’t even begin to list all of the reasons as to why Rhys is the ultimate end all be all of book boyfriends for me, but I think if you google any of the fan art you’d see why.


The Maddox Brothers

“I was in trouble. Big, disastrous, Maddox trouble.”

Specifically Trent and Travis, but yes, all of them. They’re all totally bad ass, super protective of their family, and are always willing to go the extra mile to make it up to the women they love. Jamie McGuire just has a way with fictional men, I feel like every male she writes is just perfect and they all have that ~swoon~ factor that makes you giggle when they do something particularly sweet.


The Horsemen 

“The only way we find out what we’re capable of is by getting into a little trouble.”

Sheeeeet guys. Okay, maybe not Damon because he’s literally bat shit crazy, ya know? But the other three are total book boyfriend material! This series is one of my all time favorites and one of the reason is the men in the story are crazy, dark, mysterious, brooding, and sexy as all get out. I’ll admit it, this series is a bit of a shock at first, but once you’re in, you’re allll the way in. Sucks you in so quick and all you can think is “where do I get a horseman?” P.S. I’m for sure in a Penelope Douglas Facebook group and the fan art this is amazing!



Rush Finlay

“Because I’ve had a taste and I’m not sharing. This isn’t just for fun. I may be slightly addicted.”

If we’re being technical here, EVERY male character that Abbi Glines has ever written can be in this list, but Rush was my first male lead in her stories and so his name is here. Fallen Too Far was my first New Adult read, like before I even knew New Adult was a thing, I just knew I liked books with people my age with lots of ~steamy~ bits and all of her books were just that! Rush and all those in his neighborhood are the epitome of a book boyfriend; sexy, rich, powerful, and protective. This series is really what started it all for me, so thank you Abbi Glines! Keep it up!


Hardin Scott

“Hardin is like a drug; each time I take the tiniest bit of him, I crave more and more. He consumes my thoughts and invades my dreams.”

Hardin Scott (AKA Harry Styles). I want it noted that I’ve read this entire series at least three times (both in print and online) and every time, I do mean EVERY TIME, I hear a One Direction song I want to reread this. These books were my happy place. The British accent, the tattoos, the hair, the black clothes, the brooding stare and potty mouth. I can’t even. The plot was insane, the romance scenes were intense, and the entire series wrecked me and I can honestly say my life is just ‘after’ now. After I read this. After I, too, fell in love with Hardin Scott. Just, after.


Thank you to all the wonderful authors who crush our souls with these perfect fictional men! We’ll forever be hunting for our own real life literary heart throb!




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