ARC Review | Denise Grover Swank’s ‘Blazing Summer’


51oeEmEN6KLI had a feeling something bad was coming, and I had no idea how to stop it.

Published: June 5th, 2018

Publisher: Montlake Romance

Pages: 397 (Kindle edition)

Series: Darling Investigations #2



5 Stars


Part of me wanted to cry and admit defeat, but the rest of me was good and riled up. I was going to save my cousin and take down whatever no-good bastard had done this to her.


Summer Butler had no idea that Darling Investigations would be such a smash. But ratings don’t lie—fans love watching the former star solve real-life crimes in her hometown. With the first season wrapped, the reality-show PI is feeling the pressure to make the next one an even bigger success.

Though finding a new case won’t be easy—it’s not like another dead body will just fall in her lap—Summer’s willing to give it a try. Besides, reconciling with her family—not to mention her old flame, police chief Luke Montgomery—is a nice way to spend her downtime.

But Summer’s rekindled romance isn’t the only thing burning up Sweet Briar. It seems the town is harboring an arsonist, and all the smoldering signs point to the same culprit: her cousin Dixie. Although this case may be too close for comfort, it seems season two is already bringing the drama—and for Summer it could also be too hot to handle.


Wow, what a ride! Thank you to NetGalley and Montlake Romance for the ARC copy of this amazing sequel to one of my favorite reads from January! After reading the first Darling Investigations book, Deadly Summer (review is linked), I was stalking Goodreads, NetGalley, and the author’s website for information about the next book, especially after Denise Grover Swank tweeted at me and said Dixie’s story was revealed in this book!

One of the things I had mentioned in my review for Deadly Summer was that I had wanted to learn more about Dixie’s past and I got my wish! Blazing Summer answers every question I had in the first book, as well as supplies me with a few new questions that I’m sure will be answered in the following book, provided there is a book three.

The overarching mystery in this book was actually crazy. Every time I thought I had a theory as to what was going on and who was doing it, I was given new information that completely shattered my ideas. There’s nothing better than a mystery book where the reader has no clue who the culprit it, and this book delivered that. Not to mention the fact that there were probably three or so mysteries that you were trying to get answers to that all come together in such an explosive way. We learn so much about Dixie and what happened to her all those years ago, as well as learning how those events changed her life in almost every way. It was very a much a book where past mysteries and present dangers collide and I loved every minute of it!

Houses aren’t the only thing burning up in this book! The romance between Luke and Summer heats up to epic proportions in this novel, which is another thing I had wanted for the second book. We get to see them officially become a couple but also learn how to work together and respect one another’s dangerous jobs. Not only that, but Summer isn’t used to having someone want to protect her and help her, and she isn’t ready to give up her job to just be Luke’s girlfriend. At the same time, Luke just wants to keep Summer safe and is trying to get her to leave the arson case alone. We get to see them evolve in their new relationship and as well as evolve as individuals. It was quite an interesting relationship dynamic, and I really enjoy them together.

Basically this book has it all; kooky small town characters, pet alligators, a possible drug ring, steamy romance, a mysterious arsonist, naked men drawings, hilarious banter, a dead body, and a washed up child star. It’s safe to say that I love this series and I’m already (im)patiently waiting for the next installment! I’ll be back to cyber stalking the publisher’s website, the author’s website, and Goodreads once again until I can get news on book three. Wish me luck!

Side note: this book, once it’s released next month, and it’s predecessor are available to read on Kindle Unlimited, so if you haven’t read the first book yet now is the time!

Happy reading


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