Say Hello to Tonkin About Books!


Exciting things happening today and in case you haven’t noticed, Belle’s Book Blog is now officially Tonkin About Books! (Clever name brought to you by one of my more creative coworkers!)

I teased this change on my Instagram a little bit ago, but I wanted to make sure I had all the graphics and everything laid out before I made the official change. Well, today is the day! There were a lot of things that lead up to the change, and I wanted to discuss them a little so that way no one was wondering about why this happened, so this is just a mildly informational post talking about the new direction for this blog.

Basically, there are a few other Belle’s Book Blogs out there, and I’m not bashing the other awesome women who run them, but I want to be a unique and independent blogger and it would frustrate me when people said they would google my reviews and another blog would pop up. Also, I wanted to get my own domain but I want a unique blog name with a unique domain. This was the major driving force behind the change.

Also, I felt like I was getting so wrapped up in the ‘professional’ aspects of running a blog and was trying so hard to make things perfect and take the best staged Instagram photos that I kind of lost the fun element of blogging. I still want this to be a professional place and I want to do partnerships with authors and publishers and what not, but I want to get back to the fun of reading, Instagraming, and blogging.

So, my reviews will look a little different in terms of graphics and things of that nature, but I’ve also decided that I’ll include spoilers in some of my reviews. Most will be spoiler free, but there are just times where I need to talk about the ending to discuss my feelings about the books, but all reviews with spoilers will include a disclaimer at the top of the review. I’ve changed my review policy, changed my rating system a little, and am really excited about how my reviews are going to look.

Things over the next few days will be a little hectic here and on my other socials because this switch is going to be happening everywhere, so bear with me on this one! I have a review lined up for Sunday already, so my review schedule will stay the same! Thanks for sticking with me from the beginning and staying after the switch, I appreciate all my awesome bookish friends I’ve made in the last year as a book blogger.

Happy reading




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