Review | His Highland Lass by Celeste Barclay


HisHighlandLass-Ebook-CompHe could tell that she was many things, but one thing she was not was his. 

Published: April 15 2018

Publisher: Self Published

Pages: 140 (Kindle)

Series: The Clan Sinclair #1


3 Stars


“Someone doesnae want me here. They donna want me to marry Tristan.”


An undeniable love… an unexpected match…

Faced with a feud with the Sinclairs that is growing deadly, Laird Tristan Mackay is bound by duty to his clan to make peace with the enemy.  Tristan arranges a marriage for his stepbrother, Sir Alan, but never imagines that he would meet the woman he longs to marry.  When things sour quickly between Tristan’s stepbrother and Lady Mairghread Sinclair, Tristan is determined to make her his.  A choice that promises to change his life forever.

Raised with four older warriors for brothers and as the only daughter of the Sinclair laird, Mairghread is independent resourceful, and loyal to her family.  When her father arranges a marriage to a man she has never met for the sake and safety of her clan, Mairghread tries to accept her fate.  Mairghread is betrothed to one man but it is the dark, handsome, and provocative laird who catches her eye. Arranged to marry Sir Alan, Mairghread finds herself drawn to Laird Tristan Mackay.  After meeting her intended, Mairghread knows she cannot go through with the marriage, but she must find a way to end the feud that is tearing the two clans apart.

When the wedding is called off by Mairghread’s father, Tristan and Mairghread see an opportunity to be together.  Neither of them imagined that they would find the passion that grows between them.  However, a spurned mistress and a jilted suitor stand between Tristan and Mairghread’s happiness.  Tristan and Mairghread must fight for the love they have found with one another.

Destined for another…

Mairghread Sinclair is not prepared for the danger that awaits her while visiting the Mackay clan.  She must use her wits to keep herself alive when dangers pulls her away from the man she loves.

Fated to be together…

Laird Tristan Mackay was not looking for a wife, but could Lady Mairghread Sinclair be the one to open his heart and bring peace to their clans, or will their passion tear the two clans apart?


First and foremost, thank you so much to the author for reaching out to me and sending me a review copy! I appreciate it more than I can ever express, I love getting emails from up and coming authors!

Overall I really enjoyed this book, there were times when I just couldn’t wait to get home and read more and I was devouring this at work, but my three star review is more because of technical issues than with my lack of enjoyment. I want to say I borderline loved this, because the steaminess levels were off the chart here and I can’t deny that I was hooked, but there were just some things that I couldn’t ignore.

This is the first in a series and sets up by introducing us to the Sinclair clan; a family of four brothers and one sister. This, the first, is centered around the sister, Mairghread, and her subsequent betrothal to Laird Tristan Mackay. I’ve read a lot of book series that center around a family, with each new book highlighting a different family member getting their HEA. It’s a good system and works, and I’m actually excited to read the next book in the series. Before Mair is engaged to Tristan, she was engaged to Sir Alan, Tristan’s step-brother and then Tristan had a side piece named Sorcha. This is where the drama comes into play.

Speaking of characters, enter my first problem; later in the book we’re introduced to the McDonnell clan. Or is it MacDonnell? I don’t know, because both spellings are used multiple times. I’m not sure why, but this bugged me immensely. Aside from that, I enjoyed all the characters in this initial book and I thought the villians here were realistic and had the perfect amount of venom to make me dislike them. At the same time, I enjoyed the scenes centered around the Sinclair brothers and thought they added the appropriate amount of humor and family love. Basically, I really liked the characters in this book and I think they’ll carry over into the series well, they even made me excited to read more about the brothers in future books.

I was worried about the plot for a while because, as mentioned above, Mair starts out being engaged to Sir Alan. Since I read the first half so fast, it seems like it jumps right to her getting engaged to Tristan and then for a while it’s just their budding romance. I started to get nervous that this was going to be just their love story and wouldn’t have any real drama or action, but that popped up later in the end, so I was thankful for that. However, this is where my second problem occurs; the timeline here is a little off. At one point, it states that the Sinclair clan had been there for four weeks, then it said they’d only been there a few days. It made things a little muddy for me but it’s something I can look past. All in all, the plot picked up at the end and had the dash of drama and action I was looking for.

Now, let’s talk about the writing style. As we all know, writing can make or break a reader’s experience, so I always talk writing in my reviews. I’m not going to lie, this was a little choppy at times. The sentences tended to be on the shorter side and I definitely would have combined some of them, but the overall effect was paragraphs, scenes, and chapters that didn’t flow as well as they could have. It seemed like there wasn’t any in depth editing because there were quite a few mistakes I noticed, which is sad because there was a lot of potential. While we’re on the topic of wording, I want to mention that if I never hear the phrase “pleasure button” ever again it will still be too soon for me. Ya’ll I can respect a lot of euphemisms but I cannot accept that one.

That being said, I think there was a great deal of research that went into the Highland culture and dialect and it was beautiful in that aspect. In fact, this book seemed so steeped in this culture that when I was reading I was transported to far away places and dazzled by highland landscapes and bareback horse rides along the loch. To me, nothing is better than when a book can transport you from your current location to a wild and beautiful place.

I know this was a bit longer than my usual reviews, but my thoughts can be summed up as this; I really had fun reading this and there were times where I couldn’t put it down, but there were a few technical mistakes I couldn’t overlook. Again I want to shout a huge thanks to Celeste Barclay for sending me this, and I’m looking forward to her next installment!

Happy reading

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