Review | The Bridegroom Wore Plaid by Grace Burrowes

Spoiler Free

13515289For the good of his family, his clan, and the lands they held, he’d consider marrying a well- dowered Englishwoman.

Published: December 4, 2012

Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca

Pages: 379 (Kindle)

Series: MacGregors #1


4 Stars

How to describe the feelings that could drive a decent lady to risk her reputation for a little passion with a Scotsman?


His Family or His Heart ― One of Them Will Be Betrayed…

Ian MacGregor is wooing a woman who’s wrong for him in every way. As the new Earl of Balfour, though, he must marry an English heiress to repair the family fortunes.

But in his intended’s penniless chaperone, Augusta, Ian is finding everything he’s ever wanted in a wife.


First, shout out to my library’s ebranch for being there 24/7 to fulfill any historical romance ravings I have! The ebranch is invaluable to me.

So ever since I finished His Highland Lass  by Celeste Barclay, I’ve been craving historical romance, more specifically, Scottish/Highlander romance. I don’t know exactly what it is about this little subgenre, but I’m hooked. I was sitting at work one day and thought “man, I could really go for another historical romance right now” and hopped on my library app and downloaded this gem! I loved this book, it was so fun to read, and every time I picked it up I was transported to a new time and place and I loved my time with this book.

When I first picked this up I will admit that I was a little confused. It starts off right away with all these characters and it can get a little hard to recognize all of them, honestly. There was Ian and his whole clan and then there was all the people who came with Genie to Scotland and they were all talking and being talked about, I was about to write out a little cheat sheet for myself. Thankfully, it clicked for me before I had to resort to that.

While I was initially confused regarding the vast cast of characters, I learned to love all the people inhabiting this beautiful Scottish manor. I thought Ian’s brothers were the perfect mix of humor and strength, and I was so happy they found their matches throughout the course of this story as well. I really liked the budding relationship between Augusta and little Fiona, I thought their friendship was so sweet and pure, they definitely had a lot to learn from each other. My favorite character by far, though, was Mrs. Julia Redmond. She was such a strong and sassy character and I would have loved for her to have her own story.

Don’t let the small synopsis fool you, this book is a lot more than just a simple romance between two people. This book packed quite a story! There were three other love stories unfolding during the course of the story, on top of the main courtship between Ian and Augusta. Not only that, but there is an underlying mystery surrounding Augusta and her past, which is equally as satisfying as the romantic elements. While this seems like this might be a lot going on in a single book, it was very easily readable after my initial character confusion was cleared up.

I really liked that there was more than one story line running throughout the story because it meant that I was never bored while I was reading. It wasn’t like a single love story and then some filler throughout, it was more like this book just constantly had something going on. I was always enjoying myself while reading and every time I picked this up I was transported to a beautiful Scottish manor and was entranced by the various people and happenings taking place. One of the reasons I love historical romance is the power of the story to transport you to another time and place.

As we all know, a book can have fabulous characters and a great plot but can fall short in terms of writing. Fortunately, this book didn’t lack this, either! I found the writing style to be intricate, beautiful, and have the perfect amount of descriptive landscapes and witty banter. Not only that, but the more ‘steamy’ scenes were also very tastefully written. All in all this book was just so much fun to read and I enjoyed myself every time I picked this up. It hosted a well-rounded cast of characters and a very intriguing mystery underlying the romance story line, coupled with good quality writing. What more could you ask for?

Happy reading


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The MacGregor Series



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