Review | His Bonnie Highland Temptation by Celeste Barclay


HisBonnieHighlandTemptation-Ebook“How can I feel so much for someone I just met? Someone I amnae even sure I like and can trust?”

Published: August 31, 2018

Publisher: Self Published

Pages: 262 (Kindle)

Series: The Clan Sinclair #2


3 Stars


“Ye are the greatest temptation I have ever faced.”


Unwanted and unloved… 

Siùsan Mackenzie has spent a lifetime feeling unwanted and unloved after her mother dies in childbirth and her father abandons her for a new wife and new family.  Forced to start her life in her clan’s village and then brought to the castle as no more than a servant, Siùsan longs for the chance to escape her clan and the hurt of being ignored.  When her father, the Mackenzie chief, unexpectedly announces her betrothal, Siùsan is filled with fear that her father is sending her off to an ogre who will treat her no better or possibly even worse.  When she discovers who her intended is, she seizes the chance to leave behind those who sought to punish her and manipulate her.

Unaware and unready… 

Callum Sinclair, the heir to Clan Sinclair, knows that he will one day have to marry to carry on his clan’s legacy.  He just did not know that his bride-to-be would arrive less than a week after his father announced the betrothal.  Enjoying the company of women has never been a struggle for Callum, but as are all the men of Clan Sinclair, he is committed to being a faithful husband.  When Siùsan arrives, Callum is unprepared for the gift his father has given him in his soon-to-be wife.  Callum is eager to get to know his fiery haired bride who barely comes up to his chest, and Siùsan is tempted by Callum’s whisky brown eyes and gentle nature.

But if only it were that easy. 

A tangled web of jealousy and deceit is woven when members of Siùsan’s clan join forces with outsiders to keep them apart.


Before I Start: If you’re interested in reading my full review for the first book in this series you can find that here!

First and foremost I want to thank the author, Celeste Barclay, for providing me with the copy of this book! We’ve been emailing for a while and I just wanted to mention how much I genuinely enjoy interacting with her and reading her work.

When I reviewed the previous book in this series I mentioned how addicting it was, how I had trouble putting it down, and how I thought about it long after I was finished with it. Even now, I look back at that first book and think about how much fun I had while reading it. I can say that my thoughts for this one practically mirror my thoughts about the first, and that’s partially because I enjoy these characters and also because these books are strikingly similar.

This novel had very much the same premise of the first, with an arranged marriage threatened by ex-lovers and a disastrous plot separate the young lovers out of jealousy and greed. There’s even the added kidnapping plot thrown in for good measure. I had the strangest sense of déjà vu every time I picked this up because it was so eerily similar to the first book in so many ways.

It was predictable, to say the least. The only thing that really stood out between this and the first was the main characters, particularly Siùsan’s backstory, which I really enjoyed. I thought her story and family dynamics added a much needed twist to this story and supplied all the drama I was craving. The haunting family backstory is one of my favorite aspects of this book!

I noticed a lot of growth in terms of the writing, editing, and general format between this book and its processor. I can appreciate these changes, but the flow still wasn’t there for me. It was either choppy at times or the paragraphs seemed to run on when they could have been broken up and transitioned better. It was certainly an improvement and I admired the obvious changes and effort, but I’d be lying if I said it was the most well executed book I’ve read lately.

Overall I really enjoyed this installment of the series, I think I liked the first one a little bit more, though. It was just as steamy and enjoyable as I was expecting, but it still didn’t live up to my hopes in terms of writing. This series is the sort of read that’s perfect for when you’re looking for something steamy, light, and has the typical damsel in distress sort of feeling.

Happy reading


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