Review | The Corner of Holly and Ivy by Debbie Mason


38508760Connor Gallagher had been her first love. And, at one time, she’d thought he’d be her only love. 

Published: October 30, 2018

Publisher: Forever

Pages: 366 (Paperback)

Series: Harmony Harbor #7


4 Stars

No matter how conflicting her feelings for Connor, she was positive of one thing: She couldn’t go back to the life she’d been living all those weeks before. 


Sometimes love is just around the corner . . .

With her dreams of being a wedding dress designer suddenly over, Arianna Bell isn’t expecting a holly jolly Christmas. Instead, her heart feels about three sizes too small. That is until her high school sweetheart Connor Gallagher returns to town and she finds his mere presence still makes her pulse race. But just when she starts dreaming of kissing under the mistletoe, he announces that he will be her opponent in the upcoming mayoral race….

Hot-shot attorney Connor Gallagher has something to prove. He’s tired of playing runner-up to his high-achieving brothers. So when the opportunity to enter the campaign comes up, he takes it. Even if it means running against the only woman he’s ever loved. But with a little help from Harmony Harbor’s local matchmakers and a lot of holiday cheer, Connor and Arianna may just get the happy ever after they both deserve.


The Holiday romance reviews with Forever Publishing continue with this little cutie! The Corner of Holly and Ivy is a Hallmark movie in book form, with all the flirty moments and small town feels. This book was a gem, with all the bells and whistles that come with a second-chance romance.

I thoroughly enjoyed the plot of this, I liked the added fun of the mayoral race and the way it was just getting crazier and crazier as the race went on. It was wacky and fun and I thought it was such a unique plot line. The romance aspect of this was paced well considering it was a second-chance romance, usually they have the feel of insta-love because the characters had been there before but this didn’t feel rushed at all! In fact, it had a very enemies to lovers feel because they were running on opposite sides of the mayoral race. These two plot lines worked really well together and played off one another to create an enchanting story with a heart-warming conclusion.

Although there were literally 40 characters in this book, I liked them all! Honestly, it got really confusing a lot of the time because this book referenced characters from all the others and there were literally 495858 members of the Gallagher family, but it got a little easier to navigate the further I went. You can totally read this as a stand alone, but it does reference a lot from the series so if you’re okay with that then this will be fine alone. If you’re someone who wants to understand every character and reference in a book then definitely read the others.

On their own I thought Connor and Arianna were great, but they were even better together. They were both going through some things and were struggling to make it work on their own and when they came together it all fell into place for them. They were a perfect couple for this story and I really enjoyed reading about them together.

This book is also incredibly well-written and you can tell that the author has been writing and honing her craft for quite some time. This book was so fun and sweet that it made me want to pick up the others in the series and learn more about Harmony Harbor! All in all it was another sweet read for the holiday season!

Happy reading


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Harmony Harbor (1-4)



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