My Best Reads of 2018!


2018 was a great year for books for me! At the time of writing this, I’ve read over 52 this year! That’s better than my one a week Goodreads goal, so yay for me!

This year I got some great ARCs, got my first finished copies from a publisher, read some of my backlisted books, and met some amazing people through both Bookstagram and bookish Twitter!

Next year I will be celebrating two full years of being a book blogger and I’m so thankful for all this community has given me and I cannot wait to see what 2019 brings Tonkin About Books, I already have some great ARCs lined up and at least one blog tour I signed up for!

Okay, enough of the mushy stuff, let’s get to what’s important here; my best of 2018! These are in no particular order and they’re a big mix of genres, so keep that in mind. I’ll be sharing links to the reviews for each book if you wanted to learn a little more about my feelings, but buckle up bitches because I’m about to go full fangirl.

P.S. These are older reviews, before I did my blog revamp, so be aware that formatting and designs with some of the older ones are different than what my reviews look like now.


Darling Investigations Series


I was lucky enough to get both Deadly Summer and Blazing Summer as ARCs at the beginning of the year, and this has quickly become one of my favorite series. It’s romantic suspense/comedy at it’s best. Swank is the bomb at snarky comments and hilarious banter, and while this book reads like both a rom-com and a cozy mystery, both elements are at the top of the game. The mystery in both is deep and multilayered and delivers the punch that you need, while keeping the humor and romance at the forefront of the plot. Some of the absolute best I’ve read this year and I cannot wait for the series to continue!

The Cruel Prince

36511768Arguably the book that generated the most buzz in the YA community this year, The Cruel Prince was the bad-ass newcomer to the YA Fantasy top dogs. Holly Black has been killing the game for a long time, but this one has really brought her back to the forefront of YA again.

While this wasn’t a five star review for me because I wasn’t obsessed with it the way others were, I can’t argue with the fact that this was a fantastic read and I’m dying for The Wicked King.



ObsidioAhhhh, the book that absolutely wrecked me this year. Obsidio was the book I hated to love and loved to hate, the final in the Illuminae triology this bad boy doesn’t hold back on the romance, the action, the death, and the overall bad-assery that I came to know and love.

This one gave me the ultimate book hangover and I miss these characters every day, but the good news is that these authors are teaming up again for another space adventure and when I say I’m dying for that book it’s putting it a little mildly.



Punk 57

Punk 57The queen of dark new adult romance once again entranced me with Punk 57. It’s one of her older books but it’s one of her greatest. Penelope Douglas is one of my top favorite authors of all time because her books go there and always make me feel completely and utterly obsessed with her characters and her world. Her books are definitely sexy and not for everyone, but if you want a romance that pulls no punches and takes your breath away then she’s your gal!

Side note: This and her Devil’s Night series are in my top picks of all time!


Children of Blood and Bone

ChildrenBook bloggers and readers alike will be talking about Title Gate for the next eternity, but don’t let it distract you from the fact that Children of Blood and Bone is a YA fantasy book of epic proportions.

This reminded me so much of Avatar the Last Airbender so much that it felt like coming home. The author has imagined to weave a world that is both entirely fantastical and utterly dangerous, and I cannot wait to get my hands on the second book because this one has left a mark on me for sure.



The Royals (1-3)


One of the steamiest and most addicting series I’ve ever read, The Royals is a book series that will live in my heart forever. I devoured these and they’re so hard to put down that I read Twisted Palace in one day. Now, don’t get me wrong, this series isn’t literary gold or anything close but hot damn do I love these so much. If you like high octane drama, steamy hookups and plot twists that rival day time soap operas then this series is for you! Paper Princess review here and Broken Prince review here!

Side note: Must be read in order!

The Bourbon Kings (1 &2)


This series is the first books I’ve read by J.R. Ward and they hooked me immediately! Her writing style is phenomenal and top notch, I can totally see why she’s been so popular for so long. I read the first book as part of my Unhaul Challenge  (which hasn’t been going well lately lol) and it was one of the absolute best books I’ve read this year. The Angels’ Share was just as good. I’m hoping to pick up Devil’s Cut at the end of this year, maybe by the time this is published, but I’m going to be so sad to see this series end.


Another smash hit from my new favorite, J.R. Ward! I got this as an ARC and almost cried because of how excited I was.  Consumed was probably the best book I read all year.

This was an absolute thrill to read and immerse myself in. I literally cannot wait for the next book in this series, I’m dying to get my hands on it. This is one I’ll be recommending to anyone and everyone, and I have been!




The biggest mindfuck I read all year, Lifel1k3 was like being on a roller coaster and having it speed right off the track. This was one of those books where it takes everything you think you know and turns it on its head, throwing you for the biggest loop and leaving you feeling completely betrayed in the best way possible. Definitely a love/hate relationship with this one.



ReaperA Reaper at the Gates

One of my favorite series of all time, Reaper was one of those books that completely ripped my heart out and then stomped on it and then threw it out the window of an airplane soaring over the ocean. But man, did it hurt so good. The next installment is the final and I’m probably going to need a month long hiatus to recover, but damn can Sabaa write.




This series really grew on me, honestly. I didn’t feel as strongly about the first book as I did the last two, but Everlife was the conclusion to a series I’m really going to miss. I enjoyed all the characters and I loved how original the world/plot was. Makes me even more excited to read her adult series!




35695972Wicked and the Wallflower

Last but certainly not least, Wicked and the Wallflower was one of the first historical romances I ever read and it sparked my love of this genre! I loved everything about this book, and even though it wasn’t a full five star review for me this book stuck with me for a long time. I can’t wait for the next one!




There you have it, friends! My best read in 2018! If you’ve asked me for recommendations at all this year, chances are they came from this list.

I’m a super eclectic reader, as you can probably tell, and I’ve read a wide range of great books this year. I can’t wait for next year! If you haven’t seen, I shared my top picks for next year already, which can be found here!

Tell me in the comments what your favorites were for this year and let me know if my picks made your list!

Happy reading



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