Review | Fierce Justice by Piper Drake


40409456“We’re both a long way from where we came from.”

Published: February 26, 2019

Publisher: Forever

Pages: 269 (Mass Market Paperback)

Series: True Heroes #5


3 Stars


She’d changed him and he didn’t even understand why. This was his chance to find out. 


As a K9 handler on the Search and Protect team, Arin Siri needs to be where the action is–and right now that’s investigating a trafficking operation in Hawaii. When an enemy from her past shows up bleeding, she’s torn between the desire to patch Jason up or put more holes in him. Then again, the hotshot mercenary could be the person she needs to bust open her case.

Jason Landon’s team had always been about taking the contract, getting paid, and not asking questions. But after his last mission went south, he started to get curious. His questions quickly drove him out of his mercenary group and off the grid. Now, the only people he can think of to help him are the Search and Protect team — and the dark beauty who is as ready to kill him as she is to bed him. And he’s totally ready to risk the former for the chance at the latter. But he isn’t the only person with a target on his back. Arin’s in danger too, and he’ll do everything he can to keep her safe


Hi friends! First, I need to thank Forever for sending me a copy of this! I love love love working with them, they always have such a great selection to choose from every month and I genuinely enjoy the books they publish. They’re amazing.

When I saw this on the request list I was so excited, romantic suspense is one of my newer favorite genres and this one sounded perfect. A K9 handler? Hawaiian setting? Busting human trafficking rings? Hell. Yes. I wanted it all. I was so pumped I couldn’t wait for this to come in the mail. Unfortunately, this one didn’t live up to my expectations.

Let’s talk about what didn’t work for me, so we can move on to the good. I kind of liked Arin, I really liked Jason, and I loved King. There wasn’t any real character development in this, it was much more focused on plot, and because of this I didn’t feel any real connection to any of the characters. It was like I was just reading it to see what happened, not because I felt any real pull or need to.

It was also because of this that the romance lacked any real spark. It was strange because the sex scenes were steamy and I felt the connection between the characters, but the lead up to their romance was devoid of any real emotion and seemed odd because they were supposed to be on ‘opposite’ sides of the fight, at least in the beginning. I like a slow burn, I even enjoy insta-love now and then, but this one felt weird in the beginning stages.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s talk about why I did end up enjoying this one!

So, basically, the plot here is really interesting and important. I liked that the author picked such a deep topic like human trafficking for Arin to be going after and I was rooting for them the entire time, completely wrapped up in whatever they were doing. It was complex and multi-layered in all the best ways, and I appreciate that it was a romance at heart but didn’t just throw this aspect in as a bonus but instead it was really fleshed out and well done.

The writing was great, too. There was the perfect balance of action scenes, comedic banter, and steamy scenes. The author has an incredible talent for writing both heart-pounding action scenes and equally heart-pounding sex scenes. Plus, it was all set on the big, beautiful Hawaiian islands. It was so fun to read about them running all around the island, scoping out the beaches and shipping yards, saving lives and working with King.

It was kind of a toss-up for a while for me because I did want to feel that connection with the characters but it never came. They never had any real development and it seemed like their romance was forced and the human trafficking was the central plot, more developed then anything else in the book. But, I can’t lie and say I wasn’t interested and invested, I really did enjoy the book as a whole, I just wish the romance and characters had been more developed.

Side Note: I also both love and hate this cover. I love it because it’s hot the hot guy, the dog, the ocean in the background. But there’s no Arin, here. She’s more the main character than Jason, and King is her dog, damn it! Do you have feelings about this???

Happy reading

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True Heroes Series



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