Wrap-Up | May 2019

CUPCAKE (5) May was kind of a… sad reading month for me. I had these grand plans to read some of my backlist, my ARCs, and then my partnered copies but in the end I only ended up DNFing an audiobook and reading four books. I’m trying not to be discouraged by my reading pace, but I really feel like I need to pick it up.

The good news here is that I actually got to read the two ARCs I needed to this month and I got their reviews out in time, which I’m happy about. I think I read a little better on a deadline because I can get ARCs read and reviewed so quick but when I just read a book with no deadline I meander my way through the story lol Anyone relate?

Four books is better than no book, though, so let’s talk about what I did read in May instead of what I didn’t read!

300756621) Aurora Rising

4 Stars

One of my most anticipated of the year, Aurora Rising was an intergalactic romp with a fun cast of characters. I have to admit it didn’t live up to my expectations, but I am happy with the novel as a whole and will be reading the next books in the series. Also, I’m pumped I got to read it during the month it came out. Sometimes I get so caught up in other things I don’t read books when they release so that was a victory for me! Review is here!

Small_BrightBurning_HC_rgb_jkt_HR2) Bright Burning Stars

4 Stars

Another ARC courtesy of Algonquin Young Readers, Bright Burning Stars was an absolutely riveting YA Fiction piece. It was an incredibly well-done book for a debut author, and I can’t even explain how much I enjoyed this deep, dark dive into ballet. So good. And I got it read and reviewed in time, helllll yeah! Review is here!


Actual innocence3) Actual Innocence

5 Stars

As an avid true crime lover, I watch shows, listen to podcasts, and now I stepped into the books. This was such a wonderful and frustrating look at the justice system and how badly we get it wrong. Forced confessions and wrongful convictions are two subjects I am really interested in, and I thought this book discussed both in a real and raw way. Really interesting and insightful. Mini-review is here!


405904224) The Printed Letter Bookshop

3 Stars

I literally don’t know how I wrote a review for this one. I have such conflicting feelings about this one… It was good, but also not good. The writing was good but weird. The plot was enjoyable but boring. It was such a weird read for me, that’s really all I can say lol Review is here!


There you have it! The four books I read in May. Like I said, it wasn’t the biggest wrap-up I’ve done by far, but I still read some good books and I can’t complain about that. It wasn’t a bad month but it was a slow month.

I’m working on my June TBR plan and I can safely say I have an ARC and two review copies to read, but I think I’m going to start adjusting my TBR to only include the ones I need to get to and then I’ll sprinkle in what I feel like reading. I think my main issue is I set my goals high and then feel let down when I don’t get to them. It’s a struggle for me, that’s for sure.

Anyway, I hope you all had a great reading month and I can’t wait to see what ya’ll were up to in May! Let me know in the comments what you read and loved last month!

Happy reading



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