Review | Heart of Mist by Helen Scheuerer


Heart of Mist 1A wave was cresting, and it was about to come crashing down on them all.

Published: August 25, 2017

Publisher: Talem Press

Pages: 398 (Kindle)

Series: Oremere Chronicles #1



3 Stars

“People will underestimate you- that’s a powerful thing.”

In a realm where toxic mist sweeps the lands and magic is forbidden, all Bleak wants is a cure for her power.

Still grieving the death of her guardian and dangerously self-medicating with alcohol, Bleak is snatched from her home by the Commander of the King’s Army, and summoned to the capital. But the king isn’t the only one interested in Bleak’s powers.

The leader of an infamous society of warriors, the Valia Kindred, lays claim to her as well, and Bleak finds herself in the middle of a much bigger battle than she anticipated.


Hi my beautiful bookish friends! Do I have an interesting review for you today!

Ms. Helen Scheuerer was kind enough to reach out to me and invite me to read her YA fantasy series, The Oremere Chronicles. I read the reviews on Goodreads and it sounded absolutely wonderful, so I jumped at the chance! We had some technical difficulties when it came to me receiving an e-copy of the book (thank you Helen for sticking with me lol) but I did receive a finished copy to review and share with you all! So, before we begin I want to thank Helen and the folks at Talem Press for sending this my way!

I feel conflicted about this review, I have to admit, and I’m writing it fresh after finishing it so I can get all my thoughts out accurately. Don’t let these three stars make you feel this book was bad, because it wasn’t a bad book by any means, the three star comes from my personal feelings/enjoyment of this novel, not the novel itself. I say this because this was an incredibly well written and structured novel, I just didn’t feel for it any which way or the other. Let’s break it down.

First and foremost, the writing and world building in this novel are phenomenal. Ms. Scheuerer has a way of creating these realistic characters who reside in communities and nations that mirror aspects of our own. There’s nothing I love more from a fantasy series than when it includes a map with multiple different areas and rivers and roads and towns; it always helps immerse me in a story. That’s the thing I loved the most about this novel; the world building. It honestly reminded me slightly of Game of Thrones in its complexity.

The novel is well plotted, it’s just slow. Honestly, I didn’t feel really interested until like 48% in, which was disappointing because it is so well written. It wasn’t until like 95% in (and I’m not exaggerating) that I felt like I had learned something worth learning more about. I feel like this whole novel was the rising action for the series, if that makes sense. It was almost like it didn’t have it’s own separate plot line, but instead was the lead in for the whole series. There was too much filler for me, like I would read whole chapters about characters traveling and hearing their inner monologue, but it didn’t feel like it added anything for me.

There were two characters I liked in this novel, which is funny considering they played a pretty minor role all things considered; Princess Olena and Dash. Their chapters were the one I enjoyed the most throughout the novel and I adored their relationship and how absolutely pure it was. I felt Dash’s pain when Princess Olena was talking about leaving, and I loved the way she was determined to learn more about the mist and other things she wasn’t told about. All the other characters didn’t really resonate with me, but there also wasn’t anyone I openly disliked. I felt very neutral about everyone.

Overall this was a good book with great writing, a solid overarching story, interesting fantasy elements, and some really phenomenal world building. This was just a classic case of ‘it’s not you, it’s me’. I just didn’t feel connected to this story or the characters. I can’t lie to you and say it’s a bad book, because it 100% is not, it just wasn’t for me.

Happy reading


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The Oremere Chronicles




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