Monthly TBR | July 2019

Hey Friends! Hi! How are you?

I’m so excited for July for several reasons. One, I’m almost caught up on my review copies/ARCs that I have piled up. I can’t wait to get back on track and start working on some back listed books I’m excited about. Two, we bought a house and we’re moving at the end of July! I’m gonna get to set up another little reading room in my home and I’m gonna get myself a little armchair to read in. I’m so excited.

So, last month I talked about how I was planning on only putting need to read books in my TBR plan, and last month was a HUGE success reading wise for me. Full details on that here! I’m sticking to that idea this month as well! With that being said, I’m lining up four novels this month (one ARC and three of my partner copies) that I am so excited for!

Let’s discuss!

Turn of the KeyThe Turn of the Key

My only ARC for this month and my current read, The Turn of the Key is the latest novel by Ruth Ware. It releases in August, so I’m reading and prepping my review this month! Ruth Ware and I have had our share of differences, but the reality is I always enjoy her books and I respect and love her writing style. I’m actually about 50% through this one right now and it is CREEPY. Can’t wait to get further into it! If you want reading updates be sure to follow my Instagram and Goodreads, all linked!



Choclate Chip Cookie MurderChocolate Chip Cookie Murder

Okay, my first partner copy is from my lovely friends at Kensington Publishing! I literally freaked out when I got this in the mail because I wasn’t expecting it, but I’ve been dying to read this series for at least two or three years. I first got interested in cozies when I started my blogging journey, and then I saw the Hallmark Movie adaptations of this series and was HOOKED. I’m so exited to read this novel and I’m even happier that I was able to get the new, incredibly beautiful, cover!


Cottage on Rose LaneThe Cottage on Rose Lane

My second review copy and third planned novel, The Cottage on Rose Lane was gifted to me by Forever Publishing, my first partner I ever got! I’ve had this book for ages and I feel so bad that I hadn’t gotten to it yet, but after finishing another of their contemporary romances last month I’m dying for another. And this cover? Bomb. As. Hell.




woman in the darkThe Woman in the Dark

My final pick for the month of July, The Woman in the Dark was a gift from Grand Central Publishing! I’ve been dying for a good spooky read lately, which is why I picked up Turn of the Key, too. I was so excited to get this novel but it got pushed to my back burner for a while, which I think all book bloggers can relate to. BUT I’m going to read it this month and I can’t wait!



There you have it! My complete, four book reading plan for July! I might add in another random book here and there, with the little bit of free time I have lately I can manage to read more than one at a time, which is nice. I might even start a nonfiction, which was one of my yearly reading goals.

Tell me, what are you reading in July? How was your June?


Happy reading



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