My Netgalley Line-Up| Update 1

CUPCAKE (5) Today I thought I’d share with you the goodies I have waiting for me on Netgalley!

This past year a lot of the ARCs I got came from my publishing partners, specifically Algonquin Publishing, and so I haven’t been using Netgalley as much. I’ve also never used Edelweiss before, but I made a profile there today!

I think all book bloggers can relate to the whole “too many books, not enough time” statement, especially when it comes to balancing older books with new releases and ARCs. I’ve been steering away from ARCs aside from those gifted by my partners or books I really want, that way I can focus on more of the books I already own. That being said, I really only have three books in my Netgalley shelf waiting to be reviewed!

Turn of the Key1. The Turn of the Key

The first on my shelf, The Turn of the Key is the newest Ruth Ware thriller. I’ve actually already read this one, but I’ve still got it on my shelf because I’m saving the review till closer to release date. This was a prime example of me only requesting books I really want; I’ve read all but one of Ruth Ware’s novels, so her books are always ones I tend to read or gravitate to.

Truth be told, whatever she writes next I’ll probably request, too.


444466142. Read and Buried

I am so so so excited for this ARC! The Lighthouse Library series is one of my favorite cozy mystery series, and I have to admit that I prowl Netgalley for this series every time I get wind that there’s a new release.

I bought the first three novels in this series at a used bookstore and have been lucky enough to get ARCs of the other novels in the series. This is one of those series that I request without even reading the synopsis! Plus, it seems this series always gets better!

44285303._SY475_3. The Furies

The last novel on my shelf, The Furies is an upcoming YA novel. I’ve really ventured away from YA in the last couple of years, aside from YA fantasy, but every now and then a YA fiction piece catches my attention.

I actually got an email from the publisher inviting me to read this and after reading the synopsis I couldn’t help click it! I’ll be reading this in the Fall, since it comes out in October, but I am really excited for this!


I’ll probably start requesting more ARCs for the Fall/Winter, but for this Summer I think I’m done with my ARCs. I’m still getting caught up on my review copies, so I might not even do that many ARCs in the future. We’ll see! I’ll post more updates later if I get new novels or put some more requests in!

What ARCs do you have on your radar that you’re excited about?

Happy reading



One thought on “My Netgalley Line-Up| Update 1

  1. I’m beyond excited to read Turn of the Key! I just got accepted yesterday on Netgalley and I’m itching to pick it up. I think I’m going to read it either for The Reading Rush or NEWTs Magical Readathon!

    Great post! Thanks for sharing. 😊


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