Wrap-Up | July 2019

CUPCAKE (5) I’m thinking this post falls into the ‘better late than never’ category, but here we are!

I’m finally settled into my new house and writing in my new, gorgeous writing area and I’m happy to be unpacked and back! I’m pretty behind on updating, reviews, TBR plans, pictures, etc. but I’m giving myself a break because moving was literally a nightmare. If you follow my Instagram then you know what I’m talking about *eye roll*.

All in all my July was a great reading month for me, though! I read eight books and completed my TBR early in the month, so I’m really happy with how July went! As of right now, I’m only one book deep in August, so we’ll see how this month compares to last month lol


Turn of the Key1. The Turn of the Key

4 Stars

The newest Ruth Ware novel, this thriller was a great and atmospheric read. I really enjoyed this novel, not as much as my favorite of hers, but it was a close second. Her novels always leave me wanting just a touch more in terms of the thriller/psychological aspect, but I really enjoy her writing and I’ll probably just continue to read all her works.

This was an ARC read!


25111211._SX318_2-5. Honey So Sweet

3 Stars

So I actually ended up reading the first four books in this series through my library, but I’m not yet sure if I’ll continue them. Sometimes I get an urge to read a Manga because they’re so light and they’re always heavy on the drama, but I just don’t know how I feel about this series yet. It has its good and redeeming moments, but on the whole it leaves me wanting more.


Cottage on Rose Lane6. The Cottage on Rose Lane

5 Stars

UGH I loved this book! I was on a huge contemporary kick and this was literally everything I wanted and more. This author not only crafted the perfect little fishing town, but she’s also an incredible and intricate writer. Pick up this series if you haven’t because the second novel just released and it’s the perfect time to start!

This was a review copy sent to me by Forever! 


Choclate Chip Cookie Murder7. Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder

5 Stars

Cozies are one of my favorite genres because they’re so cute and also I love a good murder, and this one did not disappoint! It’s the revamp Kensington did of this much loved series and the new covers are to die for (pun intended). I got compliments and questions on it all week! Don’t miss your chance to get this revamped version of a long running cozy series!

This was a review copy from Kensington! 


woman in the dark8. The Woman in the Dark

3 Stars

My final read of the month of July, The Woman in the Dark was a debut psychological thriller that left me questioning SO many things. To be quite honest, I still don’t know how I fully feel about this novel. Writing was solid, but to me, that was really the only thing I felt sure about lol

This was a review copy from Grand Central Publishing!


There you have it! My full, eight book reading list for July! Every novel listed but the Manga were on my planned TBR, so I’m pretty proud of myself for last month. I did start Crown of Midnight at the end of July, but moving chaos meant I finished it the first week of August and not in July.

I’m not sure what my TBR for August fully looks like at the moment, BUT I might just stick to pleasure reads because I’ve been feeling so blah about reading lately. I miss the feelings I got when I was like obsessed with a book and fully absorbed, so I might just hunt around until I find my next bookish obsession.

Tell me, what’s the last book you read that completely consumed you? I need recs, people!

Happy reading



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