Monthly TBR | August 2019

Hey I had to think long and hard about this month’s TBR because of school and my current bookish tastes, but I think I have a good, solid TBR picked.

I talked about this before, but my strict TBR is only going to include ARC and partner copies, because those are the ones I really want to get to in an adequate amount of time. However, I already veered off that track a little this month lol

Mainly I’ve been in a bit of a reading funk, so I took a break from scheduled reads to pick up a favorite author of mine because her books always help me get back on track. I feel like I always save her books for moments like this because if I wasn’t a genre diverse reader I probably would have read all her novels by now! Peneople Douglas is my Queen, hands down.

So, let’s see what I got on the lineup for this month!


39555142._SY475_Birthday Girl

My Queen. My savior. My life. Penelope Douglas.

This is a pure, unfiltered, smutty, pleasure read. I love love love all her books (that I’ve read) and I gush about her to anyone that will listen to me rant.

I’m about 30% of the way through this right now and I’m hooked. The sexual tension in this is off the charts already!


331435253. Little Comfort

The first in a newer mystery series, this was gifted to me by my friends over at Kensington! It was actually the first piece of bookmail I got in my new house and we alllll know I love a good mystery, so I can’t wait to read this this month!

It’s got sort of a cozy vibe to it based on the synopsis, I mean, MC is a Harvard librarian. GOALS. Can’t wait to pick this one up!



314545323. The Story of Us

My third, and final planned book for August, is another gift from my friends at Forever! I had like a crazy back list of novels they sent me and this will be the last one I have been hoarding! I’ll be happy to be caught up on my review copies after this one is up, so when the new request form comes out I’ll be free and clear!

Again, I’m on a contemporary kick and so I cannot wait to pick this up. Contemporaries used to be like a once in a while genre for me, but now I can’t get enough. They’re always the perfect reads!


Smaller TBR this month for sure, but I did start school on the 12th. So the majority of the week is going to be focused on school work and my internship, so I’m just testing the waters this month! Last year, my reading only slowed down by like one book while I was in school, but I’m operating on the idea that grad school is going to be much more different.

Make sure to follow my Goodreads and my Instagram for more up to date reading information! Tell me what you’re reading or planning to read this month!

Happy reading



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