Monthly TBR | September 2019

Hey Happy September! Can you feel the cool, Fall breeze in the air? The scent of falling leaves and pumpkin and apples and all things that are good and lovely in the world? No? Me either. Texas doesn’t get Fall the same way that up North does, but a girl can dream, right?

Anyway, I have some amazing fall goodies to read this month that I’m really excited about! All three are actually ARCs that I got from NetGalley. One released last month that I haven’t read, but it’s a short story so it’s fine. The other two actually come out next month but I wanted to get them read and reviewed before their pub date.

Since my planned TBR is only 2.5 books, I’m hoping I’ll have time to pick up some blacklisted novels and one or more newer releases I have! I already started on one of the books for this month so I have a good feeling about September!


444466141. Read and Buried

My new current read and my first planned book for September, Read and Buried is the latest installment in my favorite cozy mystery series!

I’ve had this one sitting in my NetGalley queue for a while and I’m so so excited to finally jump back into this series! These are so fun and cute and the mysteries are always entertaining and enthralling. Follow my Goodreads and Instagram account for more detailed updates as I work my way through this one!


44285303._SY475_2. The Furies

My next planned novel for September is another ARC set to be released in October! I had actually gotten an email inviting me to read this from the publisher, and after reading the synopsis I knew I had to have this for Fall reading!

I think this will be the perfect start to my Fall reading plans and I’m excited for this spooky little novel. I haven’t been reading a lot of YA recently so this will be a jump back into that world for me.


431716283. Kiss Me in Sweetwater Springs

A novella for one of my new favorite series, I’m so ready for this to take me back to all my favorites in Sweetwater Springs! This series from Forever has really sparked a love of contemporary romance for me. Since it’s a novella I’ll probably read this while I’m reading another book, so I’m happy to have this as a fun little romance to soothe me in between my two mysteries I have planned.



So, there are the 2.5 books I have planned for this month! I’m not sure what else I’ll get to squeeze in between school and work and interning, so we’ll have to see!

I feel like when I have free time I spent a lot of it watching TV, so I’m going to try and change that so I read more and watch less. I have some other books coming from Forever and Kensington has been known to surprise me with gifts, so I’m not sure what else might get added to this list later!

What are you reading this month? New releases? ARCs? Oldies bit goldies? Let me know!



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