ARC Review | Read and Buried by Eva Gates


44446614“Never a dull moment at the Bodie Island Lighthouse Library.”

Published: Expected October 15, 2019

Publisher: Crooked Lane Books

Series: Lighthouse Library Mystery #6



5 Stars


“There have been rumors, you know. The pirates who sailed in the Caribbean often came up this coast.”


Librarian Lucy Richardson unearths a mysterious map dating back to the Civil War. But if she can’t crack its code, she may end up read and buried.

The Bodie Island Lighthouse Library Classic Novel Book Club is reading Journey to the Center of the Earth by Jules Verne while workers dig into the earth to repair the Lighthouse Library’s foundations. The digging halts when Lucy pulls a battered tin box containing a Civil War-era diary from the pit. Tucked inside is a hand-drawn map of the Outer Banks accompanied by a page written in an indecipherable code.

The library is overrun by people clamoring to see the artifact. Later that night, Lucy and Connor McNeil find the body of historical society member Jeremy Hughes inside the library. Clearly Jeremy was not the only one who broke into the library–the map and the coded page are missing.

Lucy’s nemesis, Louise Jane McKaughnan, confesses to entering the library after closing to sneak a peek but denies seeing Jeremy–or his killer. When Lucy discovers that fellow-librarian Charlene had a past with Jeremy, she’s forced to do what she vowed not to do–get involved in the case. Meanwhile, the entire library staff and community become obsessed with trying to decode the page. But when the library has a second break in, it becomes clear that someone is determined to solve that code.


First and foremost thank you so much to NetGalley, the author, and the publisher for giving me to chance to review yet another Lighthouse Library Mystery novel! I have absolutely adored this series and I reccomend it to everyone looking to start in the cozy mystery department!

Read and Buried takes us back to Nags Head and the crew that surrounds the Bodie Island Lighthouse Library. This time around, there’s some buried treasure, a mystery past and present, and lots of fun to be had. I loved the added context of the buried box and the whole added information regarding the Freedman’s Colony and the Civil War tension. I happen to love historical fiction just as much as anything else I read and so I thought it was the perfect addition to this novel, just an extra added layer of intrigue and mystery.

While this series is light on the romance and at times feels almost PG rating in terms of kissing scenes or romance altogether, I did enjoy seeing the tender moments between Lucy and Connor. The romance here is like that sickly sweet, PG romance. I don’t hate it for this context, really, but it’s almost like they’re middle schoolers who are in their first relationship. Like I said, I don’t hate it, but it feels as though their relationship isn’t advancing. Hopefully we’ll see this play out more in the following novels, which I will for sure be reading.

I have to admit I was thoroughly shocked by the outcome of the murder mystery, as well! I honestly didn’t see it coming, which is one of my favorite parts of this series; the mystery aspect here is always really well done. Overall this novel was really a high point in the series. It was hilarious, I was literally laughing out loud at some points, and then it was really heartfelt at other times. It was such a great book with all the historical, sweet, cozy, romance, murder-y, and mystery aspects I wanted. I’m already looking forward to my next visit to the Bodie Island Lighthouse Library!

Happy reading


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The Lighthouse Library Mystery Series



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