Wrap-Up | September 2019

Hey I had such a productive reading month in September, and I’m so surprised by it, honestly! I was so busy with school and starting my internship this blog and reading fell almost to the wayside, so I’m pleasantly surprised by how much I got read.

I spent a lot of time reading but I didn’t spend a lot of time writing, and I’m really sad about it. I love blogging but after being on computers all day I’d rather read than write about reading, but I’m hoping to change that. I’m sure other bloggers can relate, I think it’s so fun doing this but it can get so tiring and the pressure we feel to interact and engage all the time can feel tremendous. But, I’m going to do better about posting and I’m going to focus more on enjoyment and not just writing to write!

So, without further ado, here’s my September wrap! I believe I completed my TBR plan entirely, with the addition of a few and one DNF!


444466141) Read and Buried

5 Stars

My first read of the month and one I enjoyed immensely is the newest addition to the Lighthouse Library Mystery Series, my favorite cozy series! I’m so lucky I get ARCs for this series because if I had to wait the full time for the new novels I would be horribly sad. This releases later in the month but you can catch my full, glowing review here!


431716282) Kiss Me in Sweetwater Springs

4 Stars

The sweetest little addition to one of my favorite contemporary series, Kiss Me in Sweetwater Springs is an adorable novella that’s basically the typical opposites attract and I couldn’t have enjoyed it more! I would have loved it as a full length novel, but a novella was the perfect little bite to satisfy me until I got my copy of the newest Sweetwater Springs novel, which I’ll be reading in November! No review for this since it’s a novella!

41068144._SY475_3) Stay Sexy & Don’t Get Murdered

4 Stars

I got this an audiobook from my library and I really enjoyed it! I love their podcast and so I adored getting to hear them read their own stories, and I got so much great information and anecdotes and everything. There were just times were I was slightly over it, I guess. I was definitely laughing and crying, but if it hadn’t been an audiobook I probably would have put it down. No review for this because I don’t typically review nonfiction, but that’s the general consensus of my thoughts!

718114) Moon Called

4 Stars

My first dip back into urban fantasy, Moon Called was an incredibly fun and interesting romp through a world I haven’t visited in a while! I don’t know why I waited so long to start this series, but it was so unique and good that I’m already itching to start book two! I’m going to try and pick it up in October or November, but we’ll see! Full review can be found here!


44294111._SY475_5) The Legend of Korra: Ruins of the Empire

5 Stars

Jesus these comics are so good. Honestly, the world of Avatar is the one fictional world that I would absolutely, not hesitation at all, love to live in. The plot lines and story lines in Korra never fails to interest me and amaze me, and reading this prompted me to do my rewatch of the show! No review for this because I don’t typically review comics/manga on my blog, but just know that if you enjoyed the show you HAVE to pick these up!

51paFLkMyHL._SX308_BO1,204,203,200_6) Latte Trouble

5 Stars

I literally love this series. More specifically, I love the audiobooks for this series. The narrator never fails to pull me in and for a cozy mystery series these are incredibly well written and well plotted, like almost on thriller/mystery level we more associate with the mystery genre. Sure, they’re really detailed and can get a bit repetitive, but they’re oh so enjoyable, and the plot twist at the end of this one left me guessing right up till the very end. No review yet, but I’m working on it!


Two audiobooks, two ARCs, a borrowed book, and a comic made for a very enjoyable September! I’m not mad about this month’s wrap and I’m so excited to jump into October reading! I’m already reading an ARC right now but I cannot wait to pick up those spooky Fall reads! I’m definitely thinking a thriller or two, I do have one unread Ruth Ware on my shelf that is calling my name.

What are you reading this Fall? Are you happy with your September reads? Let me know!

Happy reading



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