Winter Reading Guide

Hey In honor of Winter starting very soon, I thought it would be nice if I gave you a guide to help you find a book you’re going to love this Winter!

Winter is a time for fun and festive family time; some are getting a little time off work or other responsibilities, and it’s generally the perfect season to sit at home by the fire and sip hot cocoa while reading.

The good news here is that I’m a very eclectic reader so this post is going to spotlight a bunch of books that are from different genres and I really think there will be something here for everyone. So, I’m going to break it down my genre and give you some options that I think are great Winter season reads! Everything will be linked either to my review (which will have a deeper description and buy links) or Goodreads!

Like contemporary romance_ Try (1)

Why: One of my favorite holiday reads, Christmas on Mistletoe Lane is pure feel-good, holiday crack. It’s got all the elements I’ve been loving lately; adorable small town, bed and breakfast renovations, and opposites attracting. This is also the start to my favorite contemporary romance series, Sweetwater Springs. 

Tell Me More: While this is a Christmas novel, I think it would be a fitting read for November or January, as well. I’m not a strict season reader, but I don’t generally break out the Christmas books until November at the earliest, so this is the perfect Winter read! It’s light, fun, and really well written. Find my full review and buy links here!

Like contemporary romance_ Try (2)

Why: Just look at that cover and title, people! What screams Winter more than a darkened sky, a big Victorian house, and the promise of a good mystery to solve? This was such a wonderful cozy mystery and the reason I adored it so much was because it was a touch darker than what some cozies generally are, and it felt so much more interesting and sinister. Definitely a primo pick when it comes to cozy mysteries.

Tell Me More: We’ve got witty banter, a sassy older author, some dogs and a cat that made me immensely happy, a LOT of atmosphere, and a really puzzling murder. Find my review and buy links here and learn just got much I enjoyed this!

Like contemporary romance_ Try (3)

Why: I know this just came out, y’all, but I really loved reading it. It was such a fun and light read for me in a time when I was super busy with school and work and interning. It was the perfect book to get cozy with in the bath or on my big couch with some fluffy blankets and some cocoa. It’s not necessarily a seasonal read in the idea that there’s a wintery atmosphere in the story, but I think this is a great Fall release that would read well into Winter!

Tell Me More: Read my ARC review for this here and find out more about the sexy midnight meetups, the rake who rescues our strong-willed heroine after a kidnapping plot, and the endless supply of witty banter.

Like contemporary romance_ Try (4)

Why: Sweet Baby Jesus. The question here shouldn’t by why you should read this, it should be why the hell would you not read this? I never not recommend the Devil’s Night series to those who ask me about my all-time favorites, but beware; this novel is not for the faint of heart. It’s dark. It’s twisty. It’s sexy as sin. It’s the perfect steamy read on a cold Winter’s night.

Tell Me More: I can tell you no more than this: read this book. I don’t actually have a review of this posted because I read it way before I started my blog, but Goodreads has some wonderful reviews from other bloggers I trust!

Like contemporary romance_ Try (5)

Why: I don’t read a lot of nonfiction and I actually don’t review it on my blog when I do read it because I like to read them to learn and further myself professionally, but I recently finished $2.00 A Day and it really resonated with me. It was beautifully written and incredibly haunting in some really deep ways and I think if you’re into nonfiction, especially nonfiction about social issues, this would be right up your alley.

Tell Me More: I laughed. I cried. I learned. And I reflected. It was a phenomenal read and could help give you a better appreciation for your life this holiday season. Again, I don’t review nonfiction on my blog but the Goodreads page for this novel does have some reviews posted!

Like contemporary romance_ Try (7)

Why: It’s creepy, it’s beautiful, it’s haunting, it’s romantic, it’s everything you could want for a Winter read and then some. We’ve got magic, we’ve got romance, we’ve got drama, we’ve got an incredibly shocking twist ending that left me breathless. Honestly this is one of my favorite books and it’s so atmospheric and just damn perfect.

Tell Me More: I could probably rant for days about how much I love this book but just read my full review here and save me the manic typing. But, even if this isn’t going on your must-read list for Winter, put this somewhere on your must-reads list because you shouldn’t miss this book.

Like contemporary romance_ Try (8)

Why: BITCH. I talk about this like all the time but I really love Ruth Ware as an author, however her books are never thrillery enough for me. This one is so different. I was reading this and I was literally scared. It’s creepy, it’s got a great central mystery/thriller aspect, and the writing is atmospheric and spot on for a cold Winter’s night. It would definitely be a great Halloween read, but I think it would read well atmospherically in Winter, as well.

Tell Me More: My ARC review can be found and devoured here, but all I really want to stress to you is how incredibly absorbing this book is. I couldn’t put it down. There’s a giant twist ending that leaves you guessing right up until the very very end, and I think it’s a great read for these colder months ahead.


There we are! I good handful of recommendations for your long Winter nights, some of which are personal favorites that I think you all will love! I’m going to try to do some more reading guides for seasons and genres and such so that I can help y’all find books you’ll love, faster. Because that’s what I’m here for!

If you have a favorite genre I didn’t mention here check my Goodreads shelves for more recommendations or feel free to shoot me an email, a message on my socials listed, or leave a comment below and I’ll try and help you find a book! If I’m not sure of a genre or I don’t have a recommendation, I’ll help point you to the blog or reviewer that does!

Thanks for reading and I’ll talk to y’all soon!

Happy reading



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