Monthly TBR | December 2019

Hey Happy Thursday, my loves!

I’m posting my TBR today in an attempt to stay accountable for my reading goals/schedule for the month. I have four main books I want to read this month, hopefully I’ll get to more, but two are partner copies and one is an ARC for very early January that I want to get to.

My two partner copies are from my wonderful friends at Forever,which were actually sent to me in October but I saved for Christmas time because they’re Holiday romance novels. Side note here (and shameless plug), if you’re in the mood for some Holiday romance as well, you can hop over to my Instagram and enter to win three novels from me! Instagram is linked below and to the side in two different places! The giveaway closes Friday, and you can get more information on that here!

So, without rambling any further, let me show you the four books I’m planning on reading this month!

43925876._SX318_1) The Giver of Stars

This is actually my current read! I had placed a library hold for this the moment it was published and it just came in about a few days ago, and I’m a little over 15% in right now and I’m really enjoying it! My little sister is in town for Thanksgiving so I didn’t get a lot of reading done this past week or so, but I’m planning on finishing this ASAP after she leaves.

Aside from the BEAUTIFUL cover, this novel is a historical fiction, something I haven’t picked up in a while, and I really enjoyed the other JoJo Moyes novel I read. This does have some great reviews so I’ll make sure I let you all know what I think as I go! Be sure to follow my Goodreads for current reading updates!

snowfall-on-cedar-trail_12) Snowfall on Cedar Trail

Oh gosh, guys. How fantastic is this cover?! Thanks to my friends at Forever, I’m hooked on this series and contemporary romance as a genre. I loved the Sweetwater Springs series and I’ve reviewed the other two novels in this series with rave reviews, and I’m so excited to get back to this cozy little town.

I do get seasonal depression, even more so around Christmas time/New Years, so I  wanted to save my Holiday novels for December when I knew I would need the boost the most. This did release in October, but I wasn’t in a Christmasy mood then so I saved it for now, when I was! I cannot wait to read this in front of my Christmas tree with my little fireplace/classical music video playing on my TV.

Also, if you want to see my reviews for the other two novels you can check out the review for the first novel here, and a review on the second novel here!

435225673) My Kind of Wonderful

Full disclosure, I totally only requested this from Forever because it was set in a mountain town/ski lodge. I was literally watching Cloud 9 on Disney+ and I knew this book was going to hit the Holiday spot for me. This will be my first Jill Shalvis book, but this novel has some really great reviews already so I’m excited about it!

I’ve actually been thinking about how much I want to take a weekend trip with my husband to a ski lodge. I have friends who often go skiing in Colorado, so I think maybe this book will strengthen that for me and I’ll get to plan that soon! But, I’m really excited for this one. It was also sent to me in October but, again, I saved it for the colder months!

43513793._SX318_4) A Love Hate Thing

So, I’m really excited for this ARC. It’s got everything that I (used) to love to read. I say used to because I haven’t read a YA romance like this in quite a while, but this particular trope-mix used to absolutely be my shit. When I saw this while I was browsing NetGalley I knew I had to have this.

It releases January 7th so I wanted to read it this month to be able to properly review and promote it before it releases! I’m literally so excited for this it’s not even funny. I’ve been branching away from NA romance lately and have been favoring sweeter romances, so I’m thinking, since it’s YA, it’ll be a change from what I’ve been sticking to lately.


There you are! My complete, 4-book TBR for the month of December!

I already read a book this month, the newest Legend of Korra comic that just came out, so I’m already a book a head of my monthly goal! Also, I only have two more books to go to complete my Goodreads reading goal this year! Yay!

Hopefully I’ll get to read more than just these books this month because I do have some oldies on my shelf I want to get to and three new releases I bought I’m also excited for. I have big goals for this month while I’m on break from school. I want to read, write, and blog more and keep that habit into the New Year. I believe I can do it!

Hope you all have a productive reading month!


Happy Holidays



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