Wrap-Up | January 2020

CUPCAKE (5) I cannot believe it’s February already! I know a lot of people said they felt like January went on forever, but I honestly feel like time is just slipping away from me. I’ve made some life changes in 2020 (eating well, working out, sleep scheduling better) and with all these new commitments and school and work I feel like there’s never enough time in the day for my to blog and read. Hence why my wrap-up post is coming over a week into February!

I did read four books in January, which is a book a week and that’s really my main monthly goal, especially while I’m in school. I utilized my library A LOT, read one that I was really excited about, and steered away from my ARCs in favor of enjoyment reading. I feel like I get so stressed about reading ARCs and things in a timely manner so I’m feeling like I’m going to start veering off ARCs unless they’re books I’m very excited or interested in, that way I’m not weighed down by book deadlines and can get back to reading my extensive bookshelf.

Let’s talk about what I read this month, shall we?

24431358._SY475_1) Cold-Hearted Rake

5 Stars

This was my first Lisa Kleypas novel and my first finished read of 2020! I got this from my library as an audiobook and I loved every single second of it! It was witty and sexy and fun and emotional and just everything I needed and more. HR has become a love of mine since I read my first HR novel (Wicked and the Wallflower by Sarah MacLean) and this series is going to be a standing favorite of mine, I can feel it.

Review for this here!

262423542) Marrying Winterborne

5 Stars

My second read of the month was the second in the Ravenels series! Another audiobook from my library, I really enjoyed this novel! Again, it was such a fun story with an even more enjoyable cast of characters (that the narrator does a killer job with!). I loved the added tension between Helen and Rhys given the ups and downs of their relationship from the previous book. Just a wonder HR all around!

Review for this here!

9780316494786_p0_v2_s550x4063) Queen of Nothing

5 Stars

God this was a bittersweet read. I bought this as soon as it came out and it was one of my most anticipated reads of 2019, but life got in the way and I didn’t get to it till last month. I’m sure all my bookish friends understand the struggle. I wasn’t a crazy fan of The Cruel Price but The Wicked King and this one blew me away. What a wonderful series that I’m sad to see end. Can’t wait to see what else Holly Black comes up with!

No review for this yet, but coming soon!

51JXIl0ExaL4) The Alienist

5 Stars

My final read of the month was another audiobook from my library! (I got a driving job so this is where I get the majority of my reading in now lol) I loved the TNT miniseries and I really enjoyed this book. It’s like Mindhunter but with that added historical context I love. Historical mystery is one of my favorite sub-genres. The only thing I felt weird about was the narrator. I loved his voice in general and thought he did great, he just didn’t really do “different” voices, like all the characters sounded the same. Overall though, I really enjoyed this!

No review for this yet, but coming soon!


I feel like I had a pretty successful reading month! All 5-star reads is what I’ll call a win!

I utilized my library a lot, one of my main reading goals overall! This month, I’m gonna be reading at least one ARC and a partner copy read. Once I get caught up on those I’ll be able to focus more on books I already own. I have so many wonderful reads on my shelf I want to get to, so that’s my main reading goal in 2020!

I’m off to blog some more and plan my TBR for the month!

Happy reading



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