Monthly TBR | February 2020

CUPCAKE (5) Listen, ya’ll. I know we’re over a week into February but I’m still working on the same book I ended January with so this post is still time appropriate *insert hair flip here* Thank you very much!

So this month I’ll be focusing on cleaning up my ARC and review copy reads. As of right now, I have 4 books I got from Kensington Publishing (LOVE them!) and 4 unread ARCs on NetGalley. I want to get those cleaned up so that I can focus more on my bookshelf at home and start reading all the books I already own. The constant struggle of a bookworm/book blogger, yes?

ninth-house-leigh-bardugo-cover1) Ninth House

The first book I aim to finish this month is Leigh Bardugo’s new adult novel, Ninth House. I had it on hold from the library and of course it came in right when I didn’t want it to (like always, the library sabotages me!) and so I put aside what I planned to read to finish this before I had to return it.

I’m 50% through it as of this morning, and it’s really really good. I’ll for sure have a lot to talk about in my review, there have been some ~moments~. Its been slow going with this because it’s a heavier read and is really detail oriented, so it’s not really something I can breeze through. I have about a week to finish before it my library loan expires and there’s like 7 people waiting so I can’t renew it. Wish me luck!

81ihHkNL56L3) Behind Every Lie

The second book I plan on reading is Behind Every Lie, Christina McDonald’s sophomore novel and a psychological thriller. I read and enjoyed her previous novel, The Night Olivia Fell, and so when this ARC was offered to me I really jumped on it. It did publish on the 4th of February and I had picked it up the week before release but my hold on Ninth House came in so I put this aside so I could focus on that.

I try to keep my ARC reads done before release but hey, stuff happens. Regardless I’m really excited to pick this up and see if Christina McDonald can remake that magic of her debut novel!

51bw2Ycf-rL3) Cobblered to Death

My third planned novel for the month is a cozy mystery gifted to me by my friends at Kensington Publishing! Cobblered to Death is the first in a new cozy series centered around a host of a new baking TV show! I think we can all agree there’s something really cozy and comforting about a baking or cooking show, so I’m really looking forward to this one.

This did release last November, and I literally cannot remember when Kensington sent this to me, but this beauty has been staring at me from my book cart, just begging for me to pick it up.


These are only my planned books to be read this month, and hopefully I can add another one from my personal bookshelf in there! I’ve been listening to a lot of audiobooks lately since my new job has me driving around for hours a day, so the bulk of my January reading came from audiobooks via my library.

I don’t have a lot of reading goals at the moment since my days are really busy between school, work, keeping my house clean, and my new found workout hobby! It can be so hard trying to balance my love for reading/blogging and the other parts of my life, by school will be over soon (!!!) and I’ll have more free time that is actually free!

We’ll just have to see how much I can read this month and hopefully I can cut down on some of those ARC/partner copies I need to read!


Happy reading



2 thoughts on “Monthly TBR | February 2020

  1. Glad you’re liking Ninth House! I’ve heard some great things, but there have also been quite a few more negative reviews, so I’m really curious about this one myself. Looking forward to reading your review!


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