Monthly TBR | March 2020

Hey The first week of March is almost behind us and that means I’m done considering my reading options for March!

I mentioned in my February Wrap that I was going to hold off on ARCs and was only going to accepting things I’m genuinely very interested in. I think I get so caught up in being able to get ARCs and get so excited I just say yes to them all. I will no longer be doing that! NetGalley will be reserved for my favorite authors, series, and other books that I seek out myself (unless I get a really good email offer). I just put too much stress on myself and that takes the fun out of reading, so I’m trying to get back to my reading roots, per say. Anyone else making any resolutions like this?

That being said, two of my planned reads for March are ARCs that will release early April. After I finish these two, I only have two backlisted ARCs that I might or might not read in the future. We’ll see! I did just find out that my favorite cozy series has a new novel coming out in October so you can bet your ass I’ll be requesting A Death Long Overdue, the next book in the Lighthouse Library Mystery series by Eva Gates! And that cover? Ugh, I die.

Anyway, let’s talk about my March reading picks!

483417871) To Have and to Hoax

An upcoming release set to be published on April 7th, To Have and to Hoax is a new historical rom-com. I got an email some time ago about receiving an eARC of this and I really jumped at the chance because I love historicals, especially with a touch of comedy.

I’m reading this currently and even though I’ve only made it to chapter one (because I keep reading in bed and I fall asleep *eye roll*), I can attest to the fact that this has a lot of witty writing so far and I’m very intrigued. Someone had asked if this read more like a YA and at the moment I don’t think it does, but I’ll for sure keep you all posted on Goodreads and Instagram!


51HJt6LjadL._SX308_BO1,204,203,200_2) Mr. Impossible

My next current read is Mr. Impossible, a HR set in Cairo, Egypt. Now, I’ve had this on my shelf for a hot minute because I bought it during my peak Mummy (1999) phase, and this book has so many similar plot points to that movie. I’m only like 9% in (according to Goodreads, add me there if you haven’t yet!) but I’m really adoring it.

Since this is like an extra read to my initial planned TBR I don’t want to worry about rushing through this one, as long as I finish by the end of March I’m good! Has anyone read this? Thoughts?


40126121._SY475_3) Ruthless Gods

My second ARC of the month is a reallllllllly exciting upcoming YA release, Ruthless Gods, the second novel in the Something Dark and Unholy trilogy by Emily Duncan. Now, I read and loved Wicked Saintsso when I got the email offer for the follow up I was hella excited.

This series is so fresh and new to anything that’s happening in the YA genre and I love love love that. Now, there is a lot of magic, a lot of ruthlessness, and some really hot bad guys (my favorite), so it’s got those essential YA elements here. This is also set to release on April 7, so I’ll probably be reading this near the end of March!


447101964) Dead in Dublin

My final planned read for the month is a book I received from my friends over at Kensington Publishing! Dead in Dublin is the first in a new cozy series about Megan Malone, an ex-military woman turned limo driver. Not only is the cover to die for (HA!), this sounds really fun and interesting.

Cozy mysteries are escape reads for me and I love that they have these really idyllic and picturesque locations with quirky characters and a good central mystery. I’m really excited to pick this up and be transported to the rolling green hills of Dublin, Ireland! It’s got some great reviews on Goodreads and Kensington never does me wrong, so I think this is going to be a great read!


So March technically has 3 planned reads and one that’s just tagging along for fun (Mr. Impossible)! I think I can get these done in time, I just need to stop reading immediately before bed lol

I also have some audiobook holds in at my library that may or may not come in this month, so this might be expanded during my wrap up post at the end of March! Spring is coming and I’m so excited to be able to read more on my back deck, watching my little garden grow this Summer.

If you want to follow along with what I read and when I read, be sure to follow me on Goodreads and Instagram! Links are below and on the right of this post!

What are you reading this month?


Happy reading



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