Wrap-Up | March 2020

Hey Hi my friends! I honestly never thought I’d be making a March Wrap for two reasons; one, I never thought March would end and two, I didn’t think I’d finish a book in all of March. Thankfully, March ended and I finished a book (or three)!

I started March reading an ARC that I ended up DNFing the third week in; To Have and To Hoax wasn’t my cup of tea. I’m still slowly picking my way through Mr. Impossible. And I threw my entire March TBR out the window. But hey, it’s a global pandemic, the least I can do is read whatever the hell I want, yeah?

So in an effort to have some much needed escapist fun, I picked up my go-to author; Abbi Glines. Her NA work, and even the YA series she has, are the perfect reads for when I’m stressed and need something wholly enjoyable. She’s been my go-to author, NA rec, and stress read since about 2012 or 2013, and I’d be lost without her. So, all my finished reads for March were Abbi Glines novels, and I’m still working on two!

323333181) After the Game

4 Stars

My first finished read was the audiobook for After the Game, the third installment in her YA series about a small, Alabama football town. While I enjoyed this, I didn’t like it as much as I did the previous two I read, and definitely not as much as the 4th novel. This one was sweet, nearly too sweet, and didn’t have the typical level of angst and drama I wanted. There were some real twists and turns, however, I just felt it fell a little flat as opposed to what it could have been.

Full review here!

363734202) Losing the Field

5 Stars

Wowza. This was the second audiobook of the month and this installment in the Field Party Series literally blew me away! For sure my favorite of the series; the narrators were amazing, the angst was at an all time high, the drama, the steamy scenes, everything about this was pure crack to me. I don’t usually enjoy YA romance as much as I do NA, but this had everything I needed and wanted, just the same as any NA read.

New review out yet, but check back!

35276862._SY475_3) Because of Lila

5 Stars

My final completed read of the month might just have been my favorite! A good ole NA romance to both speed up my heart and nearly kill me. So, I wasn’t a huge fan of the first installment of the Sea Breeze Meets Rosemary Beach series, but Because of Lila completely hit it out of the park for me! There was so much drama and fun and wealth and angst and smut and UGH. It was everything I needed and then some! If you were iffy on the first book in this cross over, then I think this one will draw you back in!

No review just yet but check back with me!


Right now I’m working my way through Best I’ve Ever Had and Making a Play, two other Abbi Glines books. I’m really debating about if I want to make a TBR for April because the odds of me sticking to it are really slim, honestly. Sure, it’s not like I’ll be working as much but I need fluff and enjoyment reads, not the constraints of a TBR. We’ll see, but for now I think I’m just gonna wing it in April.

I’m really upset because my birthday is coming up on the 15th and while I usually spend the day bookstore hopping, I won’t be able to do anything. Such a bummer. What Indie bookstores can I buy from on my birthday? There aren’t a lot that I know of, so I need suggestions. I already made two smaller ThriftBook orders this week, but my birthday is usually the one day where my husband doesn’t question my spending lol so I want to take advantage still!

Let me know what you’re reading, what books have been bringing you comfort, and leave me Indie bookstore recs that ship! Love you all and I hope you have a better April!

Happy reading



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