Review | Because of Lila by Abbi Glines

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35276862._SY475_She’d ruined me. Just like I was afraid she would. 

Published: July 10, 2017

Publisher: Abbi Glines Publishing

Pages: 233 (Kindle)

Series: Sea Breeze Meets Rosemary Beach #2




5 Stars


The ruin I had feared was much worse than that. I wasn’t ever going to be able to let go. 


Prim, proper, classic good girl, and her least favorite label – icy.

Lila Kate Carter has heard them all. The last one, being the newest. She is not icy. She just doesn’t care for Cruz Kerrington and his spoiled, selfish, careless ways. That doesn’t make her icy, that makes him a jerk!

Tired of being labeled and doing what is expected of her, Lila Kate leaves Rosemary Beach, Florida ready for an adventure. Wanting to recreate herself, find a new path, and become something more.

Eli Hardy is tired of women who always act the same, do the same thing and expect the same thing. He’s ready to swear off women until he can get the rest of his life together.

Two weeks into his no-women-rule he meets Lila. She’s so damn sweet and polite. Like she walked right out of an etiquette book. But he’d already been drunk before she walked in so there was a good chance she might not be as stunning and perfect as he thinks. He’s just too drunk to worry about that.

The next morning, he swears he can still smell her on his skin. He just can’t remember why or what happened after that third dance.

Their worlds are about to collide, and so are the secrets and lies.


Heads up: This novel has a love triangle!

Hello all! I’m back with a really exciting book review this week!

I threw out my March TBR in favor of reading my go-to guilty pleasure reads, which is Abbi Glines’s NA work. I adore these novels, they were my start to NAR (new adult romance) and I’ll always adore her. Sea Breeze and Rosemary Beach are two of her best works, and while I enjoyed the Rosemary Beach series more, I absolutely love both! When I heard she was doing a mash up of the two I was ecstatic!

I reviewed the first book, Like A Memory, and honestly left it a pretty scathing review. While I loved the steamy scenes and the angst, it was kind of trash. I was really let down. A few of her books were misses for me, for sure, but it still hurts every time it happens. I’m happy to say that Because of Lila really turned this series around! I devoured this baby in two days, and I couldn’t put it down!

Because of Lila has a lot of those classic elements to NA that I love; playboy bad boy, angelic and naive girl, friends/enemies to lovers, history of love etc. It’s basically crack to me. I also love when NA takes place in a world of wealth and privilege because there is something so fun about expensive cars and parties and beach house debauchery. It is what it is. This also had a love triangle. Now, I know that LTs are kind of iffy in the romance world but I will say this; I like them, if they’re done right. As long as they aren’t awkward or overly dramatic, I think they’re really interesting! Now, I don’t like cheating, like I’ll only enjoy a LT if everyone is ‘single’ and only interested in one another. I don’t like them when a couple is dating and then someone else wanders into the mix. Thankfully, that isn’t the case here!

God this book was so fun! It had some real twists and turns and one kind of “wow” moment, and while I didn’t necessarily think it added anything to the book itself, it was still pretty entertaining. I think that’s the best part of these books, they’re so damn entertaining! Are they literary masterpieces, no. But they’re fun and sexy and I love the feeling of pure joy I get when I read a good NAR.

Now, similar complaint as I had with Like A Memory, but this book had too many characters. Like damn, I really wish Abbi would add a large family tree/character index to the back of these because I was super confused some times. It’s been… gosh, nearly 8 years since I first read her books, so that’s a long time for me to remember all the characters and their family members, etc.

Overall I loved this addition to a longggg running, interwoven series of books! This was a really fun, really sweet love story at it’s heart. I liked that Lila Kate was so strong and willing to go on this adventure of a lifetime, she had to be one of my favorite heroines of the whole series. She was just like her mom in that sense. There was a time where I wasn’t sure who she would end up with, even if I knew who I wanted her to be with, but I really loved the ending to this! I’m excited to see where Abbi goes with this series!


Happy reading


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The Sea Breeze Meets Rosemary Beach Series




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