Monthly TBR | May 2020

Hey Holy cow how is it May already? It feels like just yesterday I was starting school and putting my reading plans on the back burner. Now, I graduated last week and am looking for a full time, social work job!

IMG_4044If you follow me on Instagram then you know all about my graduation and saw multiple photos, but I’m honestly still reeling from the fact that five+ years of schooling has come to an end, so I’ll share another photo or two here!

It’s me! Right there! Cap, gown, hood and all! How crazy. I also learned that I can wear said gown and hood to other educational or important things, so maybe you’ll see me in it again!

Anyway, I won’t bore you further let’s get to the bookish stuff!

I have a solid three book plan for this month, but I’m giving myself room to read outside these books. Now that school is out, I’m doing more projects around the house which I think will mean more audiobooks for this month, but we’ll see, I’ve discovered some really great podcasts in the last month or so.

Basically my plan is to finish the two books I’m currently reading and then fit in the three planned books with some manga and others sprinkled in between. I had a bomb ass April when it came to reading so I’m hopeful I can keep it up in May!

51HJt6LjadL._SX308_BO1,204,203,200_1) Mr. Impossible

Okay the first book I’m planning on finishing this month is my current read, Mr. Impossible. I’ve literally been reading this for the last two months and I’m really enjoying it, I’m just going so slow because my mind keeps wandering to different books/shows/podcasts. I have about 100 pages left and I am determined to finish it this month. In fact, I’m not picking anything else up until I finish it.

It’s like an older version of The Mummy, my favorite movie ever, and it’s been so fun to read. It’s very slow burn, like the slowest slow burn I’ve ever read, which isn’t my jam but I’m still liking this. Hoping I can finish this week!

207057022) Burn for Me

The second book I’m planning to finish is my first Ilona Andrews novel, Burn for Me. I got this as an audiobook through Scribd to listen to while I work on my puzzle and clean, and I’m really enjoying it. It reminds me a lot of J.R. Ward or Sarah J. Maas in terms of world building and the intricate nature of the plot/setting. I have to admit I was slightly confused with all the names/history being thrown around, but I’m starting to understand more! I also love the narrator, too. I think I only have like 8 or 9 hours left, so I’ll for sure be finishing this in May!

432479073) The Missing Ones

So my first planned read for May that isn’t a current read is Edwin Hill’s sophomore novel, The Missing Ones. I read and really loved his first novel in this series, Little Comfort. I got both from my friends over at Kensington, which was a pleasant surprise because I usually get cozies from them and Little Comfort was the first general thriller I received from them. I liked it so much I asked for a copy of The Missing Ones! It’s been a mildly hot minute since I read the first, but I feel like I remember most of what happened plot wise, so I’m excited to start this one this month!

432126254) Summer on Moonlight Bay

My second planned read for May is Hope Ramsay’s Summer on Moonlight Bay! I read and absolutely adored the first novel in this series, The Cottage on Rose Laneand couldn’t wait to visit Moonlight Bay again! This is my first series by Hope Ramsay I read but I really enjoyed her writing style and loved the setting/community. I was never a big contemporary romance fan, but this series and Annie Raines’s Sweetwater Springs series has sold me on contemporary.

I did receive the first novel in this series from my friends at Forever, but I loved this series so much I bought this one on my own!

40126121._SY475_5) Ruthless Gods

My final planned read is Emily Duncan’s Ruthless Gods. This is an ARC I have through NetGalley that I haven’t gotten around to yet and I honestly miss YA fantasy so I’m hoping I can read it this month. I’m trying to get my NetGalley rates a bit more tidy (more NetGalley talk on my update post here!), so this will be a helpful and fun read for this month! I liked the first book, Wicked Saints, so much and thought it was a highly original debut in a genre that had become a little stagnant, so I’m very much looking forward to this!


And that’s my full May reading plan! Subject to change, of course, as always.

I read the first five books in the Vampire Knight manga series and I plan on reading at least the next five books this month, as well. My library has them all and I can breeze through them in a day, so I’ll be done with the series in no time! I also have a library hold on the new Simone St. James novel, so if that comes in this month I’ll be listening to that, too. I’ve literally had it on hold for like 6 months, so I hope it comes in soon.

IMG_4048Like I said, I had a really great April for reading and I’m hoping that since school is out I can get more reading, writing, and blogging done. At least until I get a “big girl job”, as I call it.

One more grad picture, then I’m done!

What are you planning on reading in May?



Happy reading



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