Review | Best I’ve Ever Had by Abbi Glines

Spoiler Free

43865167._SX318_Living life and making wrong choices makes it easier to know when you find what’s right.

Published: July 15, 2019

Publisher: Abbi Glines (Self-published)

Pages: 204 (Kindle edition)

Series: Sea Breeze Meets Rosemary Beach #3


4 Stars


I hadn’t meant to fall. It wasn’t something I could have controlled. 


Summer had returned to the coastal town of Sea Breeze, Alabama. The nightlife lit up with scantily clad sun-kissed bodies, live music, the smell of freshly cooked seafood.

Taking it all in he wondered if coming back had been the best thing. He wasn’t the same man who had driven out of town a year ago on the motorcycle he’d spontaneously bought after his best friend’s wedding. From the messy blond curls he’d let grow out to the tattoos now covering his arms, part of his chest and even the side of his neck, it all represented a part of his journey.

Eli Hardy was back, but he didn’t plan on staying for long.


Hi friends!

Today’s review is one I’ve been sitting on for a minute because I really wanted to process my feelings for this one because this series has been a bit up and down for me, but I feel like I processed enough and I’m ready to discuss!

This series has been really up and down for me, but this and the second novel have given me hope it’ll pick up and that the first, Like a Memory, was just a singular, one-time flop. This novel had a lot to live up to for me since I adored the second book, Because of Lilaand it royally screwed Marcus Hardy, the hero of this installment. After seeing Marcus experience loads of heartbreak in books one and two, I was really rooting for him and his HEA in this one.

I really loved the Ophelia and Marcus combo. Ophelia was very much a less sweet version of her mother and I loved how confident and cool-headed she was, she had this air of cool, calm, and collected that I totally loved. She felt like a different character from anyone Abbi had written before. Marcus isn’t the same as he was in the first two books; he’s harder, more tattooed, and had a tragic backstory to go along with his new bad boy image.

This was better than some of the other books Abbi’s written in terms of the character’s backstory/plot twist. She spends the whole novel building up to the big reveal about Marcus and his past and I really appreciated it. I had no idea what was going on and I was shocked with every little tidbit she gave us. It was nice because it wasn’t just thrown in at the end the way the twist was in some of her other books, almost like it was an afterthought.

I will say this one was rather short and it felt rushed, in some ways. There wasn’t a lot of character development and I felt a little wanting at the end. I don’t know, I think I was expecting a little more of that transition between single, young adult to the coupled, more adult characters. This whole book felt a little more serious than her usual work and I wanted a little more drama, maybe a good old fashioned fight scene, something to shake it up a little more.

These books are definitely popcorn reads; short, spicy, and easily read in one-sitting. Abbi’s books are a great escape in the way you can read them in like one or two days as a refresher and just have loads of fun. She has this way of writing where everything feels like a lighthearted romcom and her plots and settings always totally engulf me, in the best ways. Per usual, this isn’t a literary masterpiece and it could have really benefited from another proofread or two, but overall I really enjoyed this one. If you want a really in depth, intricate romance these aren’t for you. If you’re a big fan of NA romance, lighthearted yet angsty reads with plenty of drama and steam, these are for sure to please! 

Can’t wait to see where the rest of this series goes, especially since there’s like a thousand kids between the Rosemary Bach and Sea Breeze OGs.


Happy reading


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Sea Breeze Meets Rosemary Beach Series




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