Review | Summer on Moonlight Bay by Hope Ramsay

Spoiler Free

43212625“There’s a reason I left this place, Lia.” 

Published: August 6, 2019

Publisher: Forever

Pages: 333 (Mass Market Paperback)

Series: Moonlight Bay #2




5 Stars


She didn’t look like some kick-ass ex-navy vet. She looked like a stray in need of rescue. And clearly in need of a place to stay.


Only one thing can make veterinarian Noah Cuthbert return to Magnolia Harbor-his mother’s failing health. He’ll do anything to help his family, including taking a short-term gig at the local animal clinic. What he doesn’t count on is getting up-close-and-personal with the clinic’s new manager, a woman whose love and compassion for every stray that crosses her path has him rethinking his plans to head back to his big-city life…

After her time in the Navy, Lia wants nothing more than to settle down. The quaint seaside town is just what she’d been hoping for, and not just because her new boss is movie-star handsome. As they grow closer, Lia starts wondering if Noah could be the one. But when a town crisis forces Noah to take a stand that jeopardizes their new-found happiness, can Lia convince him that home doesn’t have to be a four-letter word?


Hello all and do I have a great review for you!

Contemporary romance has been a recent discovery for me; I love romance novels but I never picked up a contemporary before the last year or so. I didn’t relate to them and thus gravitated more towards new adult or even young adult romances. Well, I can now say that I relate to contemporary heroines more and have come to absolutely adore a good contemporary.

I read and loved the first book in the series, The Cottage on Rose Lane, and knew I had to pick this one up as soon as it came out. While I got the first and third book from my friends at Forever, I actually went out and got this one myself! That’s how much I’ve adored the first novel! I’m happy to say that this one lived up the hype in so so many ways!

First of all, I loved the premise here right off the bat; a grump veterinarian returning to his hometown despite the troubled past who runs into a wayward Navy vet looking for a forever home. Talk about contemporary catnip. This was sort of an opposites attract and an office romance all rolled into one. I loved the transition for Noah and we got to see a real arc with him that I think came in the form of a stray puppy and Lia’s soulful outlook.  They were two troubled people who helped one another come to terms with some past problems, particularly family problems. And it’s not every day where we get to see the heroine of the story be the ex-military bad-ass type and I loved getting two alphas in one book!

This was more than just a romance, though. We even got a little small town conspiracy and it was so interesting, too! I love when contemporaries weave in a little mystery and it reminded me a lot of both a cozy mystery (minus the murder) and Annie Raines’ novel Snowfall on Cedar TrailThere were also a couple parallel story lines, including the one involving Noah’s little sister and the continuation of the blossoming romance between Reverend St. Pierre and Ashley Scott. This almost reminded me of a series on Hallmark the way it covered a few different couples, had a little mystery, and centered in a small town.

All in all this book had it all; mystery, romance, small town vibes, pet rescue, redemption arcs, chatty church women, and even a ghost! This is a great contemporary series in general but this would be the perfect read to kick off your July! I can’t wait to pick up the next novel!

Happy reading


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The Moonlight Bay Series



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