Monthly TBR | July 2020


We’re a few days in July and you know what that means; TBR time!

I’ve been really good at sticking to my monthly reads and adding one or two in for fun, which is a tactic I’ve been using since 2020 started. We’re half way through 2020 (big yikes) and I’m 52% of the way to my Goodreads yearly goal so whatever I’m doing is working! I planned to read 65 books this year, which is five up from my 2019 goal of 60 books (and I ended up reading 62 in 2019).

I had originally started with four planned books for the month of July but I surprised myself and finished the audiobook I had planned on June 30th, The Sun Down Motel. I’ll be adding that to my July wrap at the end of the month because I planned it for July and I had already written my June wrap and didn’t feel like editing it *shrug* 

June was a great month for me when it comes to books & blog stuff and I’m hopeful that July can be just as good! I was writing frequently, read all five-star reads, planned all my blog and Instagram posts, hosted a giveaway, and participated in a blog tour! The only way my July could surpass how good June was for me would be to actually read an ARC or two! Technically, my blog tour read was an ARC and one of my current reads is an ARC I have, as well. It’s been a while since I shared a NetGalley update, but I still have a lot of backlist there from the first half of 2020. I don’t really have an ARC planned for July, but I’ll try and fit one in because I think I’ll have time. But we’ll see!

Let’s talk about the three books I have planned for this month!

44132049._SY475_1) The Heir Affair

Goal number one for July is to finish The Heir Affair! I’m currently over 60% of the way through it so I’m positive I’ll finish in the next week (or maybe before this post publishes on Monday). Now I got this as an ARC a few months prior but I also got a finished copy because Grand Central Publishing is a publisher I work with frequently. I was so so so excited about this book; I remember reading and devouring The Royal We in 2015 and I nearly shit my pants when I saw the sequel announced… and saw it announced with GCP. They were even kind enough to help me host a two-book, US & Canada giveaway last week! So great. This book is already amazing so I’m really excited (and sad) to be finishing it this month, just in time for release.

422651832) The Beautiful

The second book I have planned for July is The Beautiful. My library hold for this came in last week and there’s about 40 people waiting for it, so I started it immediately. I’m a little over 10% of the way through and I don’t necessarily know how I feel yet… I was really excited about this (as I think a lot of people were) but the reviews I’ve seen on Goodreads and around aren’t as great. I love the historical, New Orleans setting; I love the dark, gothic tones; I love vampires; all of which really propelled me to read this. I for sure still have a ways to go, so my thoughts are sure to change, but for right now I just feel disconnected from the book.

Check my Instagram and Goodreads if you want to follow my progress through this!

52894593._SY475_3) The Lion’s Den

My third and final planned read for July is another GCP new release and Katherine St. John’s debut, The Lion’s Den. Here’s the thing, this book features a murder mystery on a yacht. Need I say more? The reviews for this have been really great (lots of four and five stars) and I am so excited to start it this month. I got a copy about a month back or so, but I put it aside until this month because my TBR was full full full. I’ve been really interested in mystery/thrillers again the past week or so, so I am really looking forward to picking this up when I finish one of my current reads.


Now, I usually plan to read four books a month but like I said, I finished one earlier than expected. So below are a few honorable mentions for my July TBR and are high on my consideration list to be read this month.

  • Return to Magnolia Harbor – A new gift from Forever Publishing and the third in one of my favorite contemporary series. I may pick this up just for a refreshing, coastal romance.
  • A Death Long Overdue – An ARC for the next novel in my favorite cozy series, this releases in October so I feel like I should save it for a bit later, but I’m literally so excited for this so I may just pick it up anyway.
  • Dead in Dublin – First in a new series from Kensington Publishing, I received this a few months ago and have been eyeing it for a hot minute. Like I said, I’m really into murder mysteries right now (more so than usual) so I might pick this up!

Of course, I also have about a thousand books on my shelves and Kindle and Nook that I need to get to, so I’ll probably end up adding one or two backlist reads to my July reading mix.

Overall I’m really excited about July’s reading and the possibilities! I feel really ahead right now, so check back with me at the end of July and I might be sad and defeated again lol

What are you reading this month?

Happy reading



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