Monday Mentions | Volume Two


Happy Monday my friends! Hope you’re ready for a new week!

I’ve got some mildly exciting things going on this week, both job related that I hope pan out better than I’m expecting. Otherwise, I’ve been spending a lot of time reading, catching up on some shows and movies, and writing. So today I wanted to put out another volume of Monday Mentions, my new blog series I started a few weeks back, so I can share some of the things I’ve been hooked on the last few weeks!

If you’re interested in reading more about Monday Mentions and seeing some past recommendations, check out Volume One!

TV Movies


I’m sure this comes as no surprise to anyone because Hamilton has been all anyone is talking about, but hot damn Hamilton is so so so good. I was skeptical initially, honestly, because who in their right minds sees a play about a founding father and thinks it’s going to be both good and relevant, but Hamilton lives up to the hype times a million.

I wasn’t one of those people who listened to the album prior to seeing the show, so I’m excited to say that after watching I’ve been listening to the album on repeat and I don’t plan on stopping any time soon. If you’re someone who is skeptical about the hype, take it from me; SO. GOOD.

MV5BZjBmNTI2ZDEtOThhMy00OTkyLTg5Y2ItMTUxMzU4NWI1MzhhXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyODc0OTEyNDU@._V1_Sweet Magnolias

So this adaption of a popular contemporary romance series has been out for a while on Netflix, but I’m happy to say I finally finished it! Actually, I watched the first episode when it came out and then binged the last nine episodes in one night. It’s so fun and cozy and was really a perfect watch for me because I’ve been feeling so bleh lately. It was a nice break from my usual true crime rabbit hole.

I knew for sure it was going to end in a cliffhanger, but I would have immediately wanted the second season without that. It’s the perfect blend of small town charm, sweet and yet still steamy romance, and some drama.

unsolved-mysteries-wide-1Unsolved Mysteries

GUYS. If you haven’t watched this yet, what the hell are you doing?

I didn’t watch the original a ton (although I do now) but I love the way this is like six separate documentaries within one show. It’s really well done, very in depth, and incredibly unsettling. I hate unsolved mysteries because I like the conclusions of cases, but I especially hate when the murders don’t make sense. Like the first episode that revolves around a man who died by (maybe) falling off a building and through a ceiling but it doesn’t make sense and no one will talk and it’s just so unsettling and creepy. Plus, the alien episode is bonkers. I can’t wait to see how they address things like hauntings and ghosts in further episodes!

2020.v4.1-Knives-Out-2019-hero-image-MainKnives Out

I had been wanting to see this one since before it was released because, hello, it’s a murder mystery with Chris Evans. I needed to see it.

It finally dropped on Prime and I watched it as soon as I saw it was available! It was so freaking good; the perfect mix of Clue and an Agatha Christie mystery, it’s for sure a tangled web of a story that only gets more bizarre the more you watch, even if you think you have it figured out.

If you’ve been wanting to see it for the first time, it’s on Prime and I can’t recommend it more! Also a great option for a rewatch; especially if you’re like me and longing for spooky season.


I’ve been doing a lot of listening lately, but more so to my old favorites. Like I’ll listen to Small Town Murder episodes I love, and Monsters Among Us and Scared to Death are on heavy rotation the last few weeks. Check my Instagram for a new podcast highlight where I’ll be sharing podcast recs weekly with my new feature Sunday Scaries! 

image Small Town Murder

Episode Rec: Episode 68: Too Many Dead Husbands in Gun Barrel City, Texas – Houses with no windows, a woman with 30 last names, and a special edition of hillbilly masterpiece theater. I love this one so much.


36691500Real Life Real Crime

This is a super good one! It’s a retired deputy who tells stories about cases he’s worked and it’s so interesting! He’s a great storyteller and he has this really deep, soothing Southern drawl that is sure to lure you in.

Some of his earlier episodes that I’ve listened to are pretty dark and messed up, but he gives trigger warnings. This is one on the darker side as I usually steer toward true crime/comedy pods, but I love it nonetheless!


I’m sure there’s thousands of people I know who already listen to this one, but if you don’t you need to! Lore is such a chilling, compelling, and incredibly well produced podcast that weaves history with the dark and macabre. I’m actually all caught up with this one, which says a lot about how much I enjoy it, but there are a few episodes I go back and relisten to when I miss his voice or the pod since it does take at least two weeks per episode.

Blog Posts

SO much great content coming out lately! These are in no particular order, just posts that I’ve enjoyed from creators I love!


IMG_4698I found a new bookstore in my area and I am so excited! Texas has a ton more used bookstores than my hometown in Pennsylvania, and now I not only have a slew of Half Price Books around me that I rotate trips to, but now I have two indie bookstores I love!

Last week I made my first visit to The Book Cellar (it’s in the basement of a downtown building) and I was so take aback by how much romance they had, old and new! Just look at that row! It even branched out to the left and right, like it was all the way around the wall of the building!

I did get four goodies for $12 and I didn’t really browse the mystery/horror or other areas I usually do, but I’m excited for the excuse to go back!


I got the J.R. Ward novel because I love her contemporaries and this one has an archaeologist heroine, one of my favorite elements for romances! I haven’t read any of Lynsay Sands’ books and I’ve been craving a highlander romance so I snagged The Highlander Takes a Bride and it’s in perfect, nearly brand new condition! The Golden Barbarian was a rec from another bookstagrammer, but I hand’t been able to find it at Half Price Books. And the Bobbi Smith novel I already own, but I had an old library book so I bought this one (again, in like brand new condition) so I can donate the other to the Little Free Library in my community.

B6AB5EB9-0E6D-4316-AFC1-46089037831DAlso, here’s your friendly reminder to do your part and continue to wear a mask, wash your hands, and respect social distancing. Don’t be a shit person. Thanks!



Happy reading



9 thoughts on “Monday Mentions | Volume Two

  1. Lots of interesting things in this list. Some of the mystery podcasts sound interesting. I have checked out the new “Unsolved Mysteries” on Netflx. “Knives Out” looked good to me when it first came out, but then I had some doubts about it. Maybe, I’ll check it out on Amazon Prime.

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