Review | His Highland Prize by Celeste Barclay

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42605905._SY475_He was concerned that there was for more to worry about than what they could currently see.

Published: October 31, 2018

Publisher: Self Published

Pages: 204 (Kindle)

Series: The Clan Sinclair #3



4 Stars


She is a bushel of secrets and evasions, but yet, I canna keep away.


Lost and pursued, searching for protection…

When Brighde Kerr collapses in his arms at Castle Dunbeath in the middle of the night during a Highland thunderstorm, Alexander Sinclair does not hesitate to bring her inside to receive medical care and shelter. Hiding secrets that she is sure will only bring danger to the Sinclairs if revealed, Brighde struggles against her growing attraction and affection for Alex. She attempts to keep her an identity a secret, but it does not take long before Brighde realizes that Alex could be the one person to save her.

Steadfast and determined, willing to protect…

Alex dedicates himself to nursing this mystery woman back to health and offers her the security of the Sinclair Clan. Alex’s ongoing support and determination to protect Brighde fuels their growing passion but often puts them at odds when Brighde is not convinced they have a future together.

Both in need of love…

When the source of Brighde’s fears shows up at their gates, Alex proves that he will not give up on Brighde no matter the risks or consequences. Now can she accept that Alex’s pledge for protection or will she keep fighting the inevitable?


Sigh. I had so much fun reading this, guys. I will totally admit that this series has become a comfort read for me and I can’t believe I put off this third novel for two years! What is wrong with me?!

I remember reading His Highland Lass in 2018 and being utterly swept away by the setting, the storytelling, the family, and the steam, holy hell the steam in this series is enough to burn you and I love it! Since then, I’ve come back to this series whenever I needed a sexy, fun escape, much in the same way I pick up Abbi Glines novels. The author was kind enough to provide me a copy of His Bonnie Highland Temptation  as well, and I’ve been watching her grow and create more immersive romance novels over the last two years, so I was beyond happy to be back visiting the Sinclair Clan!

This opens as Brighde is running for her life from a scenario we don’t yet know and collapses into the safety of Alex Sinclair’s strong arms. Alex whisks her into his chambers and cares for her while she’s sick, concerned over what lead her to them in the first place… and what might be following her. This was a bit of an insta-love story, but I didn’t dislike it. Barclay’s novels all have this kind of fated mate feeling where the men and women just click right off the bat. Usually it’s not my thing, but I really love them in her books.

My biggest problem with this came from the beginning of the book where Brighde tells Alex a fake name and calls herself Mary. Now, it’s not the lie that I didn’t like, but it was the way it was handled and written. So, before Brighde even wakes up, Alex is gazing at her and the book says something along the lines of “Brighde was sleeping” or “Brighde rolled over” and I get that this is in third person, but if we’re looking at it through Alex’s eyes it should have said something like “the mystery girl was sleeping”. He didn’t know her name, so why was it being used in his perspective? Then, she wakes up and gives him the name Mary and yet her real name is used in his perspective again. Also, she literally tells him her real name like three paragraphs later. It was just short lived and not handled well, I think it could have just been left out.

Aside from that bumpy beginning for me, I think the book flowed really well. I was happy to see old favorites from the previous books make an appearance and it always feels like coming home when I’m with the Sinclair brothers. While this was an insta-love situation, there was a lot of back and forth in the way Brighde wanted to do what was best for Alex and if that meant she had to leave then she was going to leave. It was nice to see the tension between the two as they came into their relationship and the realization that they wanted a future together.

His Highland Prize had a lot of similar themes that the first two novels had but this one was entirely different in terms of plot and I really appreciated it! I was so happy to see there was no kidnapping; trust me, I love a good damsel in distress story line but Brighde was a total badass and I loved that aspect here! The battle scene at the end was EVERYTHING to me! I had literal chills while I was reading it and I’m so happy we got to see a big battle as opposed to the more singular fights in the previous two books. The brothers fighting back to back. Brighde holding her own. It was such a fabulous way to end the tension in the novel! Then there was the actual end! Basically, I really loved the end of this one.

Overall this was such a fun and sexy read! It was preciously what I needed! Like I said, Barclay’s Sinclair series is like a comfort to me, I know that when I pick it up I’ll enjoy what I’m reading and that’s really all I can ask for. I snagged the last two books in the series as well so I’ll be reading them soon!

Happy reading


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The Clan Sinclair Series



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