Wrap-Up | July 2020


I literally don’t know how to start this post because I a) can’t believe August is upon us and b) can’t believe I managed to read 8 whole books in July! That honestly might be a record for me!

I was breezing through books left and right and I’ve read 8 great books last month. While 6 of my July reads got a 5-star rating from me, I’m happy to say I really enjoyed all the books I read! I was able to get in some of my backlist reads (hell yeah!) and was able to utilize my library as well as my own shelves AND read gifted copies all in a timely manner!

I feel like July just started a week ago so some of these books I read it feels weird to think I read them just four short weeks ago. I’m on a bookish roll and I’m hoping my reading streak continues into August, too!

458856441) The Sun Down Motel

5 Stars

I. Loved. This. Book. I guess I technically finished it at the end of June, but I had already written my June Wrap so I didn’t include it in June’s stats. *shrug* I literally waited about 6 months for my hold for this to come in from the library and this was one audiobook I couldn’t stop listening to. It gave me all the spooky vibes I was looking for and if you know me, you know I love a good ghost story. This was phenomenal!

Review can be found here!

44132049._SY475_2) The Heir Affair

5 Stars

One of my most anticipated reads of the YEAR and a gift from my friends at GCP, The Heir Affair was everything I had hoped for and more! This was a big ass book but it really flew by and helped to set the stage for all the great books I’d read in July. It was nice to be able to knock of an anticipated new release, an ARC, and a review book all at the same time! It’s hardly ever that easy to be a blogger lol BUT I hope they release a third one…. or a fourth…. or fifth. Seriously, I loved this.

Review can be found here!

52894593._SY475_3) The Lion’s Den

5 Stars

Hot damn this book snuck up on me! It sounded super good and I was really excited to be able to snag a copy from GCP, but I wasn’t expecting it to utterly grip me the way it did! This was one I had so much trouble putting down and I think I read it in like two or three days, but it’s really addicting! This is a debut novel so I’m excited to see what else St. John comes up with in the future! Part thriller, part Summer getaway, part murder mystery, but it’s all fun!

Review can be found here!

181141364) Silence for the Dead

3 Stars

My second audiobook of the month, I snagged Silence for the Dead from my library after finishing The Sun Down Motel and I’m still, two weeks later, conflicted about my feelings for this one. I really liked it because I enjoy St. James’ writing style, the narration was great, but the story itself was S-L-O-W and there was a lot of characters to try and parse out it got a little confusing. It was a really nice, comforting listen and there were some good plot points, I just wasn’t blown away by it.

More thoughts can be found here!

42605905._SY475_5) His Highland Prize

4 Stars

I had SO MUCH FUN reading this one! I’m super behind on both this series and the others Celeste Barclay has put out in the last two+ years, but I love her Clan Sinclair series. They’re always so fun, sexy, and thrilling. I did have my problems with this book, don’t get me wrong, but they were small in comparison to how much I enjoyed my time spent within it’s pages! I still have two books left in the series (thank God) but I really enjoyed the previous two, as well!

Full thoughts on this can be found here!

237237986) The Highwayman

5 Stars

My first, but definitely not my last, Kerrigan Byrne novel! THIS WAS SO GOOD! I started it right before bed and had to literally tear myself away to be able to sleep that night. It was darker, had some gothic tones, was deep and emotional, sexy as all hell, and had two amazing protagonists. This was probably one of the best historical romances I’ve read and as soon as I finished it I ordered the rest of the series! Can’t wait to continue this series and pick up her other books!

No review posted yet, stay tuned!

97814736579397) The Wrath & The Dawn

5 Stars

I cannot believe I waited so long to read this duo! It was so lush, sexy, intriguing, and had that hint of darkness I love in a YA fantasy/romance. I was a little skeptical at first, but at soon as I hit the 20% mark I couldn’t stop flipping pages. I stayed up late to read the last 40% because I HAD to know what was going to happen and how it would leave me for the second book. This was just phenomenal.

No review posted yet, but check back soon!

51JQyLW6c3L8) The Rose & The Dagger

5 Stars

Of course, my final read of July was the conclusion to the duology, The Rose & The Dagger. I snagged this from my library immediately after finishing the first (at like midnight) and I read over 50% of it in one day, it was nearly impossible to put it down. These books are like the epitome of YA fantasy and they’re so lush and vivid and just GOOD. I didn’t like her newer book, The Beautiful, but I’m glad I still tried this one out!

No review yet, but stay posted!


There we are! 8 whole books read in July!

I’m so happy I was able to use a mix of my backlisted owned books, the library, new releases and ARCs. That’s the goal for every month! Not to mention that, but I read 8 GREAT books!

July was a damn good month for me, so I’m excited to see what August has in store, especially since I’ll be starting my NEW JOB on the 10th! I’m still making my August TBR, so check back for that.

What did you read and love in July? Any backlisted reads?

Happy reading



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