Monthly TBR | August 2020


I guess it’s time to pick my August TBR! Whew! The year is simultaneously flying by and dragging along, but I’m happy Fall is making it’s way back! It’s my favorite time of the year and I love being able to sit by my fire pit and read a mystery, thriller, or another spooky, atmospheric read!

If you saw my July Wrap  (linked in case you didn’t!) you’ll know I had a wonderful July in terms of reading, and personal things! I found a job! FINALLY! So this month I’ll be working full time so my reading goals are probably going to change a little, but I’m hoping I can keep some momentum from the last month.

I was able to squeeze in ARCs, library holds, partner copies, and backlisted reads last month! So my planned TBR is a mix of those and I’m hoping I can finish them in a timely manner and move through some more of my backlist since I have quite the substantial shelf of books *nervous laugh*

So two of my TBR books are my current reads, both are backlisted owned books, so that’ll be a great start to my month. My Goodreads yearly goal is sitting at 41/65 books and I’m currently 3 books ahead of schedule! I’m hoping I can get maybe one or two more than 65 in for the year, so wish me luck!

A687A067-4D38-4BAB-BBA8-2EEBF70DDF531) Kill Switch

First on my TBR is my current read, the third book in Penelope Douglas’ Devil’s Night series! She just published the last in the series, so I figured it was time for me to at least get caught up to the newest book. I’m currently about 20% of the way through it, but I’m starting to get all these feelings that I had when I first read Corrupt and I’m so so so excited to see where this goes. I will say that I went into this without reading the synopsis and I guess I didn’t realize Winter was blind…. not that I’m against it! I just didn’t see it coming! Hopefully I can finish within the next week or so!

161312342) Crocodile on the Sandbank

My second current read, Crocodile on the Sandbank is another backlisted read I started last month! So if you follow me on Instagram you might remember that I had a book literally melt and fall apart in the pool…. well this was it! LOL – I’m really really enjoying this one (slow starter, but good) and I’m for sure going to be finishing this soon, probably before this post is published. I also went ahead and got the second novel in this series because I really want to continue with this one! I think I put off finishing it because I was getting wrapped up in HR again and I was mad the book melted (like, literally?) but I’m looking forward to finishing this one and unwrapping the mystery! Get it? Because it’s a mummy?

458854953) His & Hers

My (hopefully) first ARC for the month is the audio of His & Hers, a highly buzzed about mystery/thriller which released late in July. I actually already started this one a while ago but didn’t get to get past like the second chapter, so I’m going to pick it back up this month in an effort to work through my ARCs. Gotta get on top of that NetGalley rate, right?! I’m looking forward to picking this back up because the audio is really great, especially that third disguised voice, and the reviews for this have all be phenomenal! For sure perfect for spooky season coming up!

46253666._SY475_4) Starting Over at Blueberry Creek

I ADORE this series and I’m so looking forward to being able to pick this up and slip right back into my favorite little mountain town. I was never a big contemporary reader until I partnered with Forever and now contemporary romance has been such a wonderful escape, especially in these crazy times. Annie Rains not only writes really swoon-worthy romances but also compelling story lines that always involve a little mystery. Excited about this one, and the newest installment I have on my shelf!

447101965) Dead in Dublin

My last hopeful for the month is a book I received from my lovely friends over at Kensington Publishing! I’ve had the cozy sitting on my book cart for a while so I’m hoping I can pick it up this month. Cozies are really great escape reads for me because I love a mystery to puzzle over but I also love that they combine that with a little small town charm, romance, and humor. They’re kind of the perfect mix of all the best parts of fiction, so I think this will be a great read to incorporate into my TBR this month, especially since I’m starting my new job soon!

LineLast month I did really good about keeping with my TBR and incorporating some of the backlisted and owned books, so the main goal for August is to keep that momentum going! I recently bought some really cool gothic romance books and old school thrillers in the last few weeks that I want to incorporate in this month to prepare for spooky season.

Since I do start a full time job in the next few days it’s going to be a bit of a struggle for me to read as often as I do now, but I’m going to try to be more aware of when I read and when I can be reading so I focus less on TV and more on my books! I think it’ll help me de-stress a little too, considering how many training programs I have to go through for this new job.

This is getting published a little late to the game, but I hope you call have a fantastic reading month ahead!

Happy reading



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