Monday Mentions | Volume Three

CUPCAKE (5)Happy Monday! It’s another week and that means I’m back with some new favorites!

I’ve been watching and listening so many cool things in the last few weeks and I’m super happy with some of the classics Netflix has put on their streaming site! I’ve been rewatching my favorites like a crazy person because of how insane my first week of work went. So this is going to be all the things I’ve been loving recently, but most of these are longtime likes on my behalf!

TV Movies

The_Legend_of_Korra_(Platinum_Games)_video_game_cover The Legend of Korra

This just dropped on Netflix and ya girl couldn’t be happier! I own the DVD set but I think we can all agree Netflix is much easier when it comes to watching a series. I’m literally watching it as I type this post. Korra gets a lot of hate for some reason, but I absolutely love this Avatar spin off. It’s like the roaring twenties but in the super rich world of Avatar and it’s absolutely delightful. The battle scenes are so much better than the original (if you can believe it) and Korra is just the perfect flawed heroine. If you haven’t watched this spin off or even seen the original (what is wrong with you, first of all?!) check these out on Netflix while you still can!

813mocA-0hL._RI_90 Day Fiance: The Other Way

So I’m like a few episodes behind, but this show is an absolute train wreck in the best way possible! I don’t know why it took me so long to start watching these but I love the drama and the insanity and just the lengths people will go to to try and have their “happily ever after” or to have their dream relationship. If anything, this show is a real study in human behavior, intent, and sociological factors.

81ebkIST35L._SL1500_Honorable Mention: The Mummy, the Animated Series

Okay so I just found out this was a thing and I have yet to watch but I found them all on YouTube so I’m planning to watch shortly. BUT how incredible is this?! How did I never know this was a thing?! Why did no one ever tell me!?

I already see a lot wrong with this just from the cover; why is Rick blonde? Why does Evelyn have red hair? Can they ever fight anyone other than Imhotep? The questions abound. I”ll report back after I’ve watched these!


NYT-S-NiceWhiteParents-3000pxNice White Parents

My newest podcast obsession, Nice White Parents is the newest pod from the team behind Serial. It’s not completed yet, it’s only on episode four, but hot damn this one is so good! It’s such an authentic and interesting look at the public education system in New York. It’s obviously not the same in every state, but the school system in New York is still very much heavily segregated. I’ve found this series so far to be both really interesting and superbly produced. I can’t wait to hear more and I’m really looking forward to whatever the next season of Serial covers!

Wine-Crime-Logo-for-circle-crop-copyWine and Crime

This is another true crime pod I love! I don’t keep up with this one actually, I just kind of listen here and there when I feel like it so I’m not a super fan, but I think these girls are hilarious and some of the cases they cover are super interesting. If you haven’t listened to them yet and like My Favorite Murder or Small Town Murder then you’re in for a treat!

I don’t have much in the way of podcasts at the moment because I’m just listening to my usual but I do have some spooky new ones I need to try out so I’ll keep you guys posted on that!

Blog Posts

My fellow bloggers and creators have been putting out so much great content in the last few weeks! I couldn’t possibly share every blog post I’ve liked since I last published a Monday Mentions, but I’m going to try my best and share some of the great ones I’ve come across!


That’s all I have to for this week!

Like I said, I’ve just been doing lots of comfort rewatching so the TV shows and things aren’t necessarily new. I do have some new podcasts I’ve subscribed to to try out in the next few days/weeks in honor of spooky season, so I’ll be sure to update you guys with new podcasts recs as I listen!

Seriously though, if you haven’t watch Korra get hop to it. It’s phenomenal.

Happy reading



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