ARC Audiobook Review | His & Hers by Alice Feeney


45885495People who get to know the real me are the ones I need to learn to hide from the most.

Published: July 28, 2020

Publisher: Macmillan Audio

Length: About 10 hours (eAudio)

Series: N/A – Standalone



4 Stars


Sometimes I think I am the unreliable narrator of my own life. Sometimes I think we all are.


There are two sides to every story: yours and mine, ours and theirs, His & Hers. Which means someone is always lying.

Anna Andrews finally has what she wants. Almost. She’s worked hard to become the main TV presenter of the BBC’s lunchtime news, putting work before friends, family, and her now ex-husband. So, when someone threatens to take her dream job away, she’ll do almost anything to keep it.

When asked to cover a murder in Blackdown—the sleepy countryside village where she grew up—Anna is reluctant to go. But when the victim turns out to be one of her childhood friends, she can’t leave. It soon becomes clear that Anna isn’t just covering the story, she’s at the heart of it.

DCI Jack Harper left London for a reason, but never thought he’d end up working in a place like Blackdown. When the body of a young woman is discovered, Jack decides not to tell anyone that he knew the victim, until he begins to realise he is a suspect in his own murder investigation.

One of them knows more than they are letting on. Someone isn’t telling the truth. Alternating between Anna’s and Jack’s points of view, His & Hers is a fast-paced, complex, and dark puzzle that will keep listeners guessing until the very end.


Trigger Warning: SIDS, child sexual abuse, animal abuse

First of all thank you so much to the publisher, author, and NetGalley for the early copy of this! While this was my first audiobook I’ve listened to via the new NetGalley app, it might just be my last, as well. Very glitchy, the audio speed options were absolutely ridiculous, and the audio quality was just not great. I really wish they would have worked more on the app before releasing it because it’s really not great.

Anyway! I really enjoyed this thriller! I was guessing up until the very last moment and was completely shocked by the ending! His & Hers has three narrators; Anna, Jack, and the murderer. The murderer’s sections have this really chilling voice disguiser sound and it’s honestly very unsettling. I loved the other narrators for this, too, and there wasn’t a single voice I didn’t like, which can be rare for me in a dual narration audiobook.

This was on the darker side of most thrillers I read and I made sure to include the trigger warnings in this review because there were moments where I was totally shocked by what I was hearing. This novel is just full of twists and turns and with every chapter that glides by you’re left shaking your head and running things over in your mind. I literally spent the whole book thinking “oh she did it” or “oh he did it” and I couldn’t have ever guessed the ending.

I really enjoyed the classic sort of elements the author used here; small town dynamics, group of friends with secrets, reliving the past, “coming home” trope, jaded detective. There were all these little tropes that you see in psychological thrillers that were combined in this novel spectacularly. I did read some reviews that said it went too far in terms of some of the graphic descriptions and plot lines but I disagree. It was gritty, to be sure, but it really helped give the novel an air of suspense. There were a thousand little layers to this, not all of them good, but it sure was a hell of a ride.

This was my first Alice Feeney novel so I’m very much interested in reading some of her others, especially if they’re as twisty and turny (not really a word, but it is now!) as this one! Great rec for someone looking for a dark and twisty thriller!

Happy reading


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