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Fall is slowly creeping in and that means it’s time for some good old fashioned recommendations! Fall is my favorite time of the year and I’ve got some goodies lined up for my Fall TBR, but really I’m looking forward to the spooky reads, the mysteries, and any excuse to read a ghost story.

I’m very much a seasonal reader so I look for contemporaries in Summer, festive reads for Christmas, and spooky reads for Fall. Living in Texas, I don’t get the same sense of seasons I got in Pennsylvania (no snow in Winter, no leaves changes and biting wind in October, etc.) so seasonal reads are a great way for me to get in the spirit of whatever season/holiday it is.

So today’s recs are going to be a collection of spooky reads, mysteries, and romances that I feel are perfect to cozy up with a cup of cocoa and a crackling fire! Let’s get started!

1) The Sun Down Motel

The epitome of a Fall read! This spooky mystery is part ghost story, part thriller, and all fun. I absolutely loved the audiobook for this newer release and it would be the perfect listen for the upcoming months! Simone St. James is such a wonderful writer and has a great ability to be able to weave the past and present into a puzzling mystery. It’s one with a dual timeline and you get little bits here and there to try and piece everything together, but the end will still leave you guessing. It’s creepy, it’s powerful, and it’s a damn good book. Highly recommend this one, and her other novel The Broken Girls!

2) The Highland Renegade

Okay this is a bit of an oldie, but still a goldie (do people still use this saying? Who cares!) – it was released in 2019 and I read it that January as an ARC but I must say, I really enjoyed this one. Highlander romances are one of my absolute favorite sub-genres and this one really helped to cement that. The characters were fun and feisty, there was plenty of banter and sexual tension, and there was even a little forced proximity (I’m talking stranded in a cabin in the middle of a snow storm with bad buys chasing them) and enemies to lovers vibes. I really enjoyed this one and I think it would make an great Fall/Winter romance!

3) The Wicked Deep

Let me make one thing clear, I will never not recommend this book, especially for Fall! I read this book in November of 2018 and I loved loved loved it and continue to recommend it. It reminded me so much of the cult classic movie Hocus Pocus, but better and darker. There is a lonnnng history of like teen/child deaths in this book, so just be aware of that sort of trigger warning, but overall the book is on the more mild side in that aspect. The writing is phenomenal, the romance is subtle but so damn good, and the ending will downright shock you. It’s such a phenomenal book and really the perfect read for Fall, and every time of the year. This was the author’s debut novel and I’m planning on reading her follow up novel this Fall, as I’ve already put it off too long.

4) Little Comfort

Okay, so I’m going to recommend Little Comfort and preface it with the statement that I liked this one but loved it’s sequel, The Missing Ones. If you read the sequel without reading this one first, you’d be a little lost so think of this as a two book rec for the series as it stands so far. These mysteries are Hill’s first books and they were gifts from my friends at Kensington Publishing, but hot damn these books are really good. They’re gritty, gripping, dark, twisty, and just all around great mysteries that are really deep and fleshed out. I can’t even express how great these books are, if you’re a mystery/thriller lover then these are books you need to try! The third is coming out December, so now’s the perfect time to start this series!

5) He Will Be My Ruin

Another great thriller for Fall! I read this a while ago (around 2017) and it was one of the very first thriller/mystery books I’ve read. This is the only K.A. Tucker book I’ve read but I’ve heard that this is not like any of her other books. This was a really compelling and twisty story, very much a novel where you think you have it all sorted out only to get something else thrown at you. I don’t see this one talked about a lot on any of my bookish social medias, but I really think this is an underrated thriller. It almost verges on the label of romantic suspense, but more accurately fits with a thriller. The theme of this book is “how well do you really know your friends” and it was such a gripping read.

6) The Bourbon Kings

I just featured this trilogy on my Instagram as a book rec, but I for sure wanted to add it here, as well! This trilogy is so absolutely excellent that it blows my mind it hasn’t gotten as much attention as it deserves. It’s such a sweeping and immersive saga and it’s Southern setting with horse stables, ballrooms, distilleries, and CEO offices really make it a cozy and riveting read. There’s romance, murder, mystery, intrigue, history, family drama, etc. This would really make an excellent read for the September-November months. Totally binge-worthy!

7) Bad Call

I read this book very early on in my blogging career and I haven’t really talked about it since, but this is one YA mystery I think would make for a perfect Fall/Winter read. Really atmospheric and almost spooky in it’s intensity, this one was a really satisfying and thrilling mystery. While it is a YA novel it did really grip me so if you’re not sure if you’d enjoy a YA thriller as opposed to an adult or NA one, don’t be scared off trying this one. It’s certainly not boring and is a really compelling read.


There you have it! Seven is kind of an odd number but those are all my top recommendations for Fall reading! I tried to incorporate a good mix of thrillers, romances, YA books, etc. so that there was a little something for everyone. If you’re looking for a more specific recommendation feel free to reach out to me here or through social media, I’d be happy to talk books and help you find your next great read!

Fall is for sure my favorite time of the year, so I was really excited to put this post together! I’m working on my TBR for the Fall months (which is going to be rough because I’m super behind on my TBR in general lol) so be sure to check back and see what books I’m planning to pick up this Fall/Winter season!

What books are you looking forward to reading this Fall? New releases, back listed books, etc?

Happy reading

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