Monthly TBR | September 2020


Happy SPOOOOOOKY September!

I am so excited that Fall has ushered itself in and brought with it Pumpkin Spice Lattes, apple pumpkin candles, and new spooky reads!

I am also super excited for the books I have on my TBR this month! Real talk, I had a rough August. I started my new job, had family visit, and just generally didn’t read as much as I had hoped I would. I read a total of three books in August and while I was bummed about that number, I didn’t let it get me down! My September TBR is going to consist of seven books, two of which I am currently reading and hope to be done with in the next few days.

These are a mix of backlisted reads, ARCs, and new releases. Unsurprisingly, almost all of these are “spooky” reads or books I would consider Fall reads. The two I’m currently reading are summery contemporary reads, which is nice to close the Summer out with but I’m really looking forward to a good ghost story!

Let’s get started!

1) Starting Over at Blueberry Creek

My first current read I plan on finishing this month is this new contemporary from one of my favorite series! I’m currently two books behind in the Sweetwater Springs series but after I finish this I’ll only be one book behind, so that’s nice! I really love this series and have raved about it since 2018 (you can find a review for every book in this series on my site if you search!). Each book can be read as a standalone but they are best read in order as they have the same characters, same town, and the story lines kind of blend into one another. I actually got the whole series from my friends at Forever but I bought this one for myself because I missed the chance to request it. I’m just about halfway in this, maybe more, so hopefully I can knock it out this weekend!

2) Mermaid Inn

My second current read is a combo read! I got this as an ARC for January and have just put it off too long! In an effort to cut back on my ARCs I snagged this as an audiobook on Scribd and started listening to it last week. I’ve been on a podcast kick (more about that in my next Monday Mentions) but I’m hoping to start really listening to this this weekend. So far I think it’s really cute and I do love a Canada setting so I’m looking forward to getting more into it! I don’t often read second chance romances, so I’m hoping this will throw in a little enemies to lovers type angst. Follow my Goodreads for updates!

3) The Turn of the Key

This will be a reread for me as I read it with my favorite Bookstagrammer, Katie with Murderino Reads! This is her first group read and I’m very excited to be a part of it! I actually read this one last year as an ARC and loved it (link to my review is above!) and so I’m really excited to revisit it. I hardly ever reread books but I loved the spooky vibes in this and I absolutely love Ruth Ware. I say it all the time, but I love her writing style and the atmosphere she puts in every one of her books. And her newest one comes out on the 8th so I’m hoping I can read it next month!

4) Home Before Dark

Okay so I’m really excited to be picking this up this month! This will be my first Riley Sager read (I know I know!) and I’m always down for a good ghost story. This one has gotten some pretty mixed reviews from my book blogger friends so I’m not sure if I’ll love it the way I want to, but I’m still really excited to dive in with it’s dual timeline, ghosts, and Amityville Horror type vibes. I did have this on hold at my library but I decided to bite the bullet and buy it last week when I made a trip to Barnes & Noble!

5) Winterwood

Ya’ll. I put this one off TOO long, especially considering the fact I made it a point to buy it upon release last year lol BUT I am super duper excited to read this (hopefully) this month! I have done nothing but rave about her debut novel, The Wicked Deep, and I was excited about this book before it even had a synopsis! I feel the same about the other novel she just announced! This will make for the perfect September read and if it’s anywhere near as good as The Wicked Deep I’m sure I’ll devour it quickly.

6) Stalking Jack the Ripper

I’m hoping I’ll read this one in September but if I need to push it into October I wouldn’t be mad, either! I have heard nothing but good things about this series so I’m very much looking forward to reading this YA historical mystery, romance, thriller mash-up. This will by my first Kerry Maniscalco read, my first James Patterson Presents read, and I’m very much looking forward to it, especially with all the great reviews I’m seeing. Her new book sounds really good, too! I added that to my TBR last week!

7) A Death Long Overdue

My last planned read for September is the October ARC for the newest installment in the Lighthouse Library Mystery Series, my favorite cozy series! I have read, reviewed, and loved every book in this series (search for them above to see the reviews!) and I cannot wait to go back to my library friends in OBX! This is slated for release in the first week of October so I’m for sure planning on reading this one at the very least toward the tail end of the month. But, again, I can’t wait!


So this post has already been hella long and I want to go eat a rootbeer float so I’m ending it here!

What are you planning on reading this month?! Tell me all about it!


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