Review | The Highlander Takes a Bride by Lynsay Sands

Spoiler Free

“I’m no’ a lady,” Saidh responded.

Published: July 28, 2015

Publisher: Avon Books

Length: About 9 hours (eAudio)

Series: Highland Brides #3

3 Stars

“Ye seem ladylike enough to me.”

Sword fighting, swearing, and riding astride come naturally to Saidh Buchanan. Simpering and holding her tongue—definitely not. Raised alongside seven boisterous brothers, Saidh has little interest in saddling herself with a husband… until she glimpses the new Laird MacDonnell bathing naked in the loch. Though she’s far from a proper lady, the brawny Highlander makes Saidh feel every inch a woman.

She has an angel’s looks, a warrior’s temper, and seeks out his kisses with wanton eagerness. Little wonder that Greer is intrigued by his comely guest. When reckless desire overtakes them, he’s more than willing to make an honest woman of her. But Saidh is the target of a hidden enemy, and Greer faces the battle of his life to safeguard the woman he wants above all others.


Okay, I’ve been considering how to review this book and I must say that I’m kind of conflicted on my overall feelings. One one hand, I found this to be entertaining and it started off strong to me. On the other hand, this book borders on ridiculous.

I was instantly captivated by this story for several reasons. One, I love highlander romances. Two, I love the idea of a rough and tumble Lady who maintains her independence and pride while falling in love. Three, I love a good alpha hero. And four, there was immediately some mystery thrown into the mix that intrigued me. Unfortunately, I think the only thing that worked well in the end was the mystery.

For me, the story starts to kind of fall apart early on. There’s really not a lot of build up to Greer and Saidh’s relationship; it’s very much an insta-attraction with no actual emotion behind it. The romance didn’t win me over in any way here. It was very much all based in physical attraction and sex. Now, the book was hot and fun, so I did enjoy it, but I missed the emotional connection between the characters. It was fun while it was building in the very early stages, especially when they met at the loch that first time (hello, banter), but when they’re hooking up by page 80 and Greer just imagines himself with her from the moment he sees her it doesn’t really leave much to be desired.

Now, here’s my other problem that reallllllllllly made me dislike the middle of the book. Saidh literally will not stop talking about her brothers. She compares Greer to her bothers….. um, physically. She mentions seeing them naked constantly, how they were always with women, and then when her brothers show up they talk about about she…. grew up, physically. It’s creepy, it’s weird, it’s not fun. I hated it. They added nothing to the book itself and I really wish they would have been left out. It just made it confusing and messy. Not to mention the fact that Greer wrote them a letter saying he’d had sex with their sister and they showed up and spent a whole chapter talking about Saidh being ruined. No thanks.

Now, you may be asking yourself, “Cheyenne, you’ve done nothing but complain, how did this wind up with three stars?” Let me tell you, dear reader! This book was fun and sexy (in parts), the characters were witty, I loved the touch of mystery and intruige, I love a good damsel in distress subplot, and the narrator for this audiobook was great. I really enjoyed the beginning and the mystery and that’s what saved this book for me, honestly. I wanted to know how it ended in terms of the danger, but that was really all I wanted to know. I wish the romance had been handled better and more fleshed out, I wish there was more drama, I wish all 87 of the brothers had been left out, and I wish the story had more depth. A classic case of starting strong, and ending strangely.

I will be giving this series another try as I already have one or two on my self, so fingers crossed it gets better!

Happy reading
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