Monday Mentions | Volume Four


Happy Monday!

It’s the start of another week and since I took a week hiatus from blogging and instagramming I thought I’d make a grand comeback with another volume of my Monday Mentions! I’ve been listening to some great podcasts, watching some really fun shows, and reading lots of great things from my blogger friends!

I love doing these Monday Mentions posts; it’s always fun to get to use this platform to talk about things I enjoy besides books. Not only that, but I love spotlighting my fellow book lovers. Ya’ll do some damn good work!

Let’s get started because I have like three weeks worth of fun stuff to share!

The Night Owl

Ya’ll. I stumbled across this maybe two weeks ago and I cannot stop listening to this podcast. It’s a combo of real life ghost stories (told in their Campfire episodes) and their regular investigative episodes where their team investigates reports of hauntings/paranormal happenings of local Austin, TX places! One of the reasons I love this so much is the storytelling aspect is A+; the audio quality is great, the host has such a smooth voice, and the music/accompanying aspects really add to the show. Plus, I love that it’s giving me ideas of places to visit in Austin, which is only about an hour from me! I’m happy I stumbled on this and I can’t wait to dig more into their backlist!

That’s really the only new podcast I’ve been listening to. I’m more or less catching up on Lore, My Favorite Murder, Monsters Among Us, Spooked (the free episodes), and the new episodes of Small Town Murder.

I’ll Be Gone in the Dark

I finally finished watching the new HBO documentary related to Michelle McNamara and her novel by the same name (which I’ve already gushed about on here!) and it was so so so well done! Absolutely a powerhouse of a documentary. I was sobbing, I was cheering, I was laughing. It was just a roller-coaster of emotions. Super well done and if you haven’t watched it yet now is the time, you can binge the whole thing!

Class Action Park

While we’re on the topic of good HBO documentaries, I would be lax if I didn’t mention Class Action Park! SO FUN and at the same time so sad for the families that lost loved ones on a day that should have been fun and carefree. This documentary is like the epitome of 80s/90s culture and it was just the wackiest, most mind boggling ride. This doc literally flies by in a blink it’s so fun to watch.

The Alienist

I recently finished watching the second season of The Alienist, which is titled Angel of Darkness. Bit behind on it, but hot damn was this season so good. The ending literally destroyed me and I feel personally victimized by that death. I love everything about this show; it’s for sure darker than most period mysteries but it’s just so engrossing and well plotted. If you haven’t watched this series yet I highly recommend it.

Doctor Blake Mysteries

I’ve mentioned my supreme love of British period mysteries in an earlier post, but since getting BritBox on Prime my life has infinitely improved. I looooooooove Doctor Blake Mysteries! It’s set in Australia so it’s not British, but it’s set in the 50’s and the cases are always so interesting and leave me guessing. This show is so fun, such a comfort watch for me after a long day, too. Nothing is as fun for me as trying to unravel a mystery and these are top notch.

One other thing I want to mention in this category is Pluto TV! No one ever talks about it (that I know of) but the Pluto TV app is like always on in my house. They have channels that are just 24/7 365 Forensic Files, Cold Case Files (the OG), Cops, Dog the Bounty Hunter, Unsolved Mysteries (the OG) and DEGRASSI! Which you can watch EVERY episode on demand with them! FOR FREEEEEEE! I’ve never put in a credit card or signed in or anything. I love it. It’s just a ton of my favorite, comfort watch shows. I have it on all three TVs in my house, my iPad, and my phone!

Here’s all the articles I’ve read and loved in the last few weeks! These are random but hey, these posts are all about random. *shrug*

My favorite part of this series! Let’s see what my friends are sharing!

  • Review: Christmas at Lock Keeper’s Cottage from Berit at Audio Killed the Bookmark – It’s never too early to talk about hot new Holiday romances!
  • Reading “Blog” from Tracy at Truffle’s Literary Wonders – SUCH a cool idea! It’s like a reading vlog but in blog format!
  • 50 Best Halloween Books for Adults from Jennifer at The Bibliofile – The perfect list just in time for Spooky Season reads!
  • Five Mini Reviews from Anne at Books, Baking & Blogging – Bite sized reviews including one she says may be her favorite book of all time!
  • Happy Friday from Bree at Falling for Romance – Ohhhh a collection of favorite things from one of my favorites! And a new podcast rec? Yes!

6 thoughts on “Monday Mentions | Volume Four

  1. Interesting picks. “The Alienist” has been recommended to me before. I’ve seen a few episodes of “The Doctor Blake Mysteries,” but they don’t seem to be available on Netflix anymore. I don’t have BritBox, but I’m sure I’d love it.

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