Spooky Swap 2020 Announcement!


It’s my favorite time of the year (which I’ve mentioned quite a few times) and I’ve been blogging for three years this year, so I thought now would be the perfect time to start a little book swap!

I’ve never done a book swap before and I’m really excited to be hosting my first swap! I’ve mentioned it to a few of my friends from Bookstagram and I was told it was a great idea, so here I am!

This isn’t going to be limited to just spooky reads, there’s a few places on the sign up form where you can talk about what kinds of books you’d like, but I wanted to make it seem like this was a little Christmas in October. Think Nightmare Before Christmas; it’s a spooky time but we’re getting fun little goodie baskets from our friends!

Since this is my first ever book swap I’m trying to cover all my bases so it goes as smoothly as possible! To make this happen in a fun and easy way, I’m going to lay out some simple rules and reminders here, as well as include a google sign up form! This form will be given to whomever you’re partnered with to help ensure that you get goodies you’ll enjoy and so we can create some new friendships.

Rules & Reminders!

  • Please fill out the google form here! This has a few short questions that will provide me & your partner some basic information as well as help get you a book you’ll enjoy!
  • Don’t tell the person ahead of time you’re their swap buddy! – I want this to be like a secret santa… a secret satan, if you will (get it?)
  • Be mindful of money! – You do not have to go all out for this! I was going to set a $25 limit (not including shipping, obvs) but I know some books being brand new could drain that pretty easy, so just use your best judgement!
  • This entry form is going to go up on Monday, September 21st and close on Monday, September 28th! A full week for entries! I plan to have the swap buddies assigned by the 30th!
  • Ideally, I would love to have all the swap goodies shipped on October 12th, but this isn’t a hard deadline. But please ensure goodies will get to your buddy before the end of October!
  • Obviously, I would like to point out that each goodie bag/box needs to contain at least one book. – Feel free to add anything else you want! Candy, socks, Starbucks gift cards, other books, etc.
  • You don’t need to include a note or anything, but please include something with your name and/or instagram handle!

Well I think I covered it all!

Seriously, I am so excited to be hosting this. If all goes well maybe I’ll host another one early in 2021 and make Spooky Swap an annual tradition here on Tonkin About Books!

Happy reading

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