My Favorite ASMR Reading Rooms!


I am so excited about today’s post because I’ve been thinking about doing this for a while! Reading Rooms have become a near vital part of my reading experience as of late; I love the soft music, I love how cozy it is, it just helps to enhance your reading experience.

If you don’t know what an ASMR Reading Room is let me tell you! It’s a YouTube video that consists of soft music, soft sounds (rain, fire crackling, pages turning, etc), and a fun/cozy background like a cozy fireplace, the Hogwarts castle, or even scenes from Outlander. Admittedly, most of my reading rooms are Hogwarts related and I’m fairly certain they’re all from the same YouTube channel, too. But that just makes it easier!

These are great because they’re not just good for reading! I have them on when I’m working from home, when I’m writing for here or my WIP, if I’m cleaning/organizing and want something cozy. They’re super multipurpose! I loved them when I was in school, too.

These are in no particular order! Also, you can refer to my Reading Videos playlist on YouTube for these videos and whatever ones I add in the future!

1) Rainy Night at Hogwarts by Ambient Worlds

I love love love this one! I put it on all the time, it’s so cozy and really captures that magic of Hogwarts. Almost all the Wizarding World videos from Ambient Worlds use the music from the movies so that is really nice and, for me, very nostalgic in ways. This is a super easy one to use because it combines that classic, softer music of the Harry Potter films and the relaxing sounds of rain and thunderstorms! I know I said there isn’t an order to these, but this might be my #1 go-to.

2) Winter at Hogwarts by Ambient Worlds

I’m going to say this a lot, but I love this one! Ambient Worlds (my favorite ASMR team) has quite a few Winter themed ones up (they have a really pretty Hogsmeade video, too!) but this one remains my favorite for a few reasons. One, I love the lights and how festive the art is. Two, I love that it isn’t overly Christmas-y and I can watch this all year round without feeling like I’m just listening to Christmas music at the wrong time. If you want a subtle dose of the Holidays then this is for you!

3) Ancient Library Room by New Bliss

This one is more my go-to for when I’m working. This video doesn’t consist of any music that would be really distracting, it’s more the crackling fire, the soft turning of pages, writing sounds, and rain. It’s very soothing. If you’re looking for an ASMR room that won’t have music to distract you then this is a great option!

4) Ravenclaw Common Room by Ambient Worlds

Hello, it’s me, a Ravenclaw. Hence part of why I like this room! This has peppier music (think the happy Harry Potter tunes from like The Half Blood Prince) so that may be distracting for some readers, but I love the crackling fire and the super cozy common room vibes, so I use this one quite a bit, too. This may not be for you if you’re more into quieter ASMR reading rooms.

5) Slytherin Study Session by ASMR Weekly

Another almost silent one! This video features, to my cats’ horror, a cat! I remember when I first put this on the TV (I screencast all my reading room videos) and my cats stared at the TV the entire like hour I had this on. Freya even tried to jump up on the TV stand *face palm* BUT this will be a great option if you want a reading room that doesn’t have music! This has a crackling fire (the primary sound), sounds of writing, pages turning, and other small paperwork/library type sounds.

6) Dumbledore’s Office by Ambient Worlds

This one is just SO cozy to me, it’s a great reading room. I love the art in this video and the subtle design elements that tie into the movies, it’s so perfect. This video does have music (softer, but still there) and has the typical office sounds of writing and pages turning, so I use this both when I read and when I write! Definitely one of the coziest, most relaxing videos on my list!


There you have it! My 6 essential reading rooms!

Be sure to follow my YouTube playlist for updates on what I’m watching and loving! Do you enjoy ASMR rooms? What are your favorites?


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