Wrap-Up | September 2020


Happy October! Arguably one of my favorite months of the year! September feels like it really breezed by, like I blinked and it was over!

I actually read five books in September which I’m really happy about. I thought for sure I was going to struggle a bit on the reading front with my new job, but I did a good job of making sure I took time for myself to read.

I ended up deviating from my September TBR a little for a few reasons. One, two of my library holds came in at the same time so I put aside a few things of my TBR to be able to read them before I had to return them. I’m still currently reading one of my holds and I’ll bump the other TBR books I put off to October, so check back for that TBR! Overall I was able to read two audiobooks, one of which was a reread for me, knock off an older ARC, and read one that was on my TBR since it released last year. So it was a successful month!

1) Starting Over at Blueberry Creek

4 Stars

I had so much fun reading this one! I started off the month feeling a little bleh about reading and feeling very stressed out, so I decided to pick this up as a fun little refreshing read and boy, did it deliver! I’ve been reading this series since it started and I positively gush about them every time I get the chance to read the new release and this was no different! I usually receive them from my friends at Forever Publishing, but I went out and got this one myself since I love this series so much. I can’t wait to start the next book!

No review just yet but I’m working on it!

2) Mermaid Inn

4 Stars

I originally got this as an eARC from Forever and NetGalley and I just never got around to reading it (big yikes) so I decided, in an effort to get my ratio up and get my old ARCs out of my nightmares, I would listen to the audio and I am so happy I did! This was hilarious, sexy, emotional, fun, and everything in between! This was my first Jenny Holiday novel but I’m already looking forward to reading the next book in this series! If you wanted something fun, lighter, enchanting, and immersive for these… confusing times, this is a great option!

Full review can be found here!

3) Winterwood

2 Stars

Oh hey, it’s (probably) my biggest disappointment of the year! I am seriously so bummed about this one, y’all. It had so so so so much potential and it was just…. thrown away. If you’ve been here a while you know I loved her debut novel, The Wicked Deep, and so when I heard about this book I was so excited to read it that I even went and bought it on release day, which I never do. I have a lot of thoughts on this one (still) but I’ll leave it at this; why?????

Full review and/or rant can be found here!

4) The Guest List

4 Stars

One of my library reads for the month was The Guest List, the newest thriller from Lucy Foley. So if you’ve been paying attention at all the last four or five months chances are you’ve seen this book. Everyone is reading it. Everyone is enjoying it. And I am no different! I did try and request this as an ARC but got denied, so I was happy to see my library got a copy! This was a really enjoyable and gripping read, I enjoyed the characters and the secrets and the atmosphere of the book, it was just super predictable for me and I felt like the plot had been done a million times before. Enjoyable, but not as great as I wanted!

Full review can be found here!

5) The Turn of the Key

4 Stars

This was my reread for the month of September! I had read this almost exactly a year ago when it was released and I was blessed with an eARC, but this is one of my favorite novels Ruth Ware has put out! She’s one of my favorite authors because I love her writing style, but her mystery elements are usually hit or miss for me. I reread this as an audiobook this month for my friend Katie’s (@murderino_reads on Instagram) group read and I had so much fun! The book was good but the audiobook was STELLAR. The narrator was top notch, it was such a great listening experience.

You can find my full review from last year here!


I’d say I had a pretty good reading month, no?

Again, I had to throw some of my planned TBR out the window so I’m hoping I can squeeze them into October’s plan, but I’m not sad about how September went! Better than August, too! I’m proud of how much I got read this month!

My wheels are turning for October already so be sure to check back for that TBR post!

What did you read in September? What were hits and misses for you?


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