Monthly TBR | October 2020


Happy October, my spooky boos and ghouls! It’s my favorite time of the year and I am so so so excited for all my October reading and movie watching! I’m already pissed because the Halloween costume I want is sold out *insert rage face here* so I’ll probably be complaining about that for at least two weeks, but I’m excited nevertheless!

I’m not a big seasonal reader except for the end of the year. I enjoy spooky/fantasy/thriller reads in the Fall and Christmas-y/feel good romances for the Winter. My September TBR had a line-up of spooky reads to get me in the Halloween mood but I had to move some onto this month since I had two library reads come in! That’s okay, though! Just more spooky goodies for October!

I have two current reads at the moment, one library hold book and then an audiobook of an older ARC, so those will be the first two books on my TBR for the month. The other three are move overs from September, but I’m hoping I can add one or two of my older paranormal romances or romantic suspense books this month, too. I’m going to try and keep pace at two books at a time, but who knows.

My work schedule is going to be a little less crazy this month as I have two full weeks of webinar training, so I’m thinking I’ll be getting a lot more reading in! I’m also doing a book buying ban for October! There is one new release in October I’m excited for, Love is a Rogue from Lenora Bell, but that’ll probably be my only October buy! I have way too many books I own I want to read so for right now it’s going to be backlisted reads and whatever I can get from the library and Scribd. I do have two books coming in from Better World Books…. but those don’t count since I bought them last month!

1) The Diviners

My first read of October is my current read from the library, The Diviners! I’m almost 40% of the way through it currently and while I feel it’s a really slow start I’m also super invested. The 1920’s is my favorite time period and I am so so so here for any book about the paranormal, the occult, or the supernatural so I am committed to reading this book. It’s gotten some really rave reviews on Goodreads so I’m sticking it out for sure, but I don’t know WHY Bray felt the need to give us like 150 pages of….. build up and a 600 page YA novel. I’m confused but into it. Follow me on Goodreads and Instagram for updates as I read on!

2) Behind Every Lie

My second current read is the audiobook of Christina McDonald’s newest thriller, Behind Every Lie! I got an eARC of this novel from NetGalley and am just a lazy sack of shit and haven’t read it yet, so I snagged the audiobook from Scribd to knock this off my TBR and my ARC list! I did read and LOVE her debut thriller, The Night Olivia Fell, so I knew I wanted to get my hands on this one, too. It released in February of this year so I’m quite a bit behind, but still excited to dive into it full! I think I only listened to about an hour, but I already have some thoughts regarding the characters. We’ll see how it goes! Again, follow me on Goodreads and Instagram for reading updates!

3) A Death Long Overdue

My third planned read for the month is my eARC of the newest Lighthouse Library Mystery from Eva Gates, A Death Long Overdue! As I still have like 300 pages of my current read so I probably won’t get to this until a little after release day on October 6th, but I am so so so excited to dive back into this series! I’ve been following and loving this cozy series since I started my blog in 2017 and I’m so happy I’ve been able to follow the series and receive ARCs for the last few releases. If you’re interested in reading any of my reviews for this series you can find them under the cozy mystery tab or by searching Eva Gates in the search tab!

4) Home Before Dark

I had this on my September TBR and didn’t get the chance to pick it up, but as it’s super ghosty and kind of a 2020 favorite among the book community I think it’ll fit great with my October reads! I’ve never read a Sager novel before (I knowwwwww) but I’m excited to pick this one up because I love dual timelines, love books within books, love the Amityville and Haunting of Hill House vibes from the synopsis and reviews. I’ve heard some really great things about this, so I’m very much looking forward to picking this up for Spooky Season!

5) Stalking Jack the Ripper

My final planned read for the month is Stalking Jack the Ripper, the cult favorite YA novel that’s got a bit of romance, some gore, some mystery, some history, and really everything! People looooove this one and it sounds like it has all the elements I’m looking for in an October read, so I’m very much looking forward to picking this one up! This series has gotten some really great reviews from bloggers I personally love and trust, so I’m very much interested in how this series is going to turn out for me. Her newer novel sounds great, too, so I hope I like her writing style!


And those are my planned books! Key word here being planned. I only have one library book hold pending and it’s for the latest Legend of Korra comic so that won’t be hard to squeeze in here! I’m hoping I can read a little more this month than my planned five because I have some older gothic romances, romantic suspense novels, and paranormal romances I think would be great reads for October, so we’ll have to see what I have time for.

I’m so so so excited for these reads! And even more excited for my book buying ban lol I think it always makes me feel better about my TBR when I don’t get like 30 more books in a month. I saw a lot of people writing out every book they own and keeping track of what they’ve read or haven’t read and while I really want to do that, it would be a LOT of writing. Maybe I’ll do an Excel sheet? We’ll see!

What are you planning on reading in October? What spooky reads do you have lined up for the Halloween month?


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