Five Mysteries for Fall


It’s officially the most wonderful time of the year! Spooky season! Fall!

In honor of the season of the spooky, I decided to compile a little list of five mystery/thrillers for Fall! These are books that are twisty, dark, mysterious, and perfect to curl up with on a cold, crisp night!

Mysteries and thrillers are books I’ve just started getting into in the last three years when I started this blog. I never enjoyed mysteries before, and now I absolutely love a story with a good, twisty central mystery. Cozies have become a comfort genre for me, but I do really appreciate a good psychological thriller.

These are five books I have read and reviewed here on Tonkin About Books, so I’ll link my full review and highlight a few of the reasons it’s a great rec for the season! If you want more mystery recommendations, be sure to click on the mystery/thriller or cozy mystery tab under genres up top!

1) The Broken Girls

A personal favorite of mine, The Broken Girls is the perfect example of a Fall mystery! This was a huge hit when it released in 2018 and it’s clear why! Brilliant storytelling, a dual timeline, historical elements, ghosts, missing girls, murder mystery, a creepy boarding school, and layers upon layers of plot. This book is super spooky making it the perfect Halloween read! I actually listened to the audiobook last year and I remember I was right at the end (lots of spooky shit happening) and I was washing my hands in the bathroom at the hospital before work and the lights were automatic and turned out and I was SO SCARED! I screamed. It was super embarrassing. But yes, I love this book and it’d be perfect for Fall!

2) A Treacherous Curse

Another great option for a good Fall mystery is the third novel in the Veronica Speedwell series by Deanna Raybourn, A Treacherous Curse. Now I read this in 2017 as an ARC without having read the previous two books and I wasn’t lost or confused. What I was was intrigued! This has one of my favorite elements of a good mystery/thriller and that is an Egyptian setting and historical elements! Just look at that stunning cover with all those hieroglyphs! It’s set in 1888 and features a strong and smart female lead, which reminded me a lot of Amelia Peabody and Ms. Marple. It has those classical mystery solver elements we know and love. This does have an Egyptian curse plot line (a personal favorite of mine) and it’s really spooky and twisty, I had no idea how it was going to play out.

3) The Woman in the Dark

Definitely a read for spooky season! The Woman in the Dark is a haunting tale that has some really classic horror/thriller elements. Haunted house and/or home with a dark past, family with an equally muddled past, husband/wife with secrets, small and close knit town, objects moving, doors opening/closing/locking, etc. Now this wasn’t a favorite of mine, but I did really enjoy the book and it was definitely twisty and creepy. It is pretty dark and does have some trigger warnings so check my full review to be sure it’s something you’re interested in!

4) Little Comfort

Another favorite of mine! I love this series so far and am patiently awaiting book three coming this December, but this is a great great book to cozy up with this Fall! It takes place in Fall/Winter (peep that snow on the cover) up North and it is super twisty, a bit dark, and phenomenally written. It’s very descriptive and a really engrossing mystery that takes the reader on a trip both past and present and I had such a hard time putting this down once I picked it up. For sure some trigger warnings in this one, as well, so be sure to click on my review to check those first!

5) The Invited

Maybe the epitome of a Fall mystery, The Invited is a fresh take on the old haunted house trope that is compelling, engrossing, and utterly impossible to put down. The audiobook is really well done and super creepy, and I’m sure the book on a cold, dark Fall night would be downright chilling. This book is really clever and original, and oddly comforting in a way. This isn’t dark but it certainly is twisty and chock full of historical elements, a creepy small town, some treasure and myth, supernatural elements, and an overarching mystery with a missing person. Very engrossing and a great read overall.


Thrillers and mystery reads are one of my favorite genres right now and no time is better to curl up with a good mystery than Fall. Four of five of these recommendations have supernatural/paranormal elements making them an ideal October read, and three of these picks are personal favorites!

There are quite a few other mysteries perfect for Fall under my mystery/thriller tab up top so be sure to look there if you want to see some other personal favorites of mine. The favorites tab is a great resource, as well!

What are some themes/genres you look forward to reading in the Fall?


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